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Carla Meninsky - the lost interview

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Earlier this year I got a chance to speak with former Atari game designer Carla Meninsky, of Warlords and Dodge 'Em fame. This was going to be the basis for a newspaper story to run in April to feature the 30th anniversary of the Atari 2600 release of Warlords.


Unfortunately, those plans fell through, and the paper didn't run the piece. But the interview was so darn interesting that I figured, what the heck, I'll just publish it on my own website and let people read it there. Carla talks about the early days at Atari, her eventual transition into an entirely different line of work (law), and shares some interesting stories about the craziness at Atari, including visits with George Lucas and The Muppets.


One fascinating tidbit I never knew: apparently there was a special version of Dodge 'Em commissioned that featured Mercedes garbage trucks instead of racing cars; this was part of a deal that let the Atari execs drive Mercedes.







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That was a good read. I didn't know that she wrote Warlords for the Atari and then it was ported to an arcade.


Yeah, bit of a revelation that one... although the coin-op came out before the "original" 2600 version did mind you...


Interested to see she was at LSE though, right in my backyard really.

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Someone was working on a cool maze game that never went anywhere (that happened a lot). That may have been Warren, but, now that I’m thinking about it, it was probably Rick Mauer.

I'm fairly sure she's talking about Snark, Rick mentioned it in an interview he did.


Koble had just finished something Rally, Rally something,

Wish I knew what that was. I can't think of anything that fits.


I started working on Tempest, mainly because people said it couldn’t be done on the 2600.

Ah-ha! We finally have proof that she was the programmer. Nice to finally confirm that rumor.

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