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MyBIOS for SIDE. Supports SDX, MyIDE and SIDE-loader

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Hi all,


Thanks for Candle uploading the programming specs of the SIDE-hardware

and some requests of MyIDE-users I took the liberty to compiled a MyBIOS for SIDE.


The flashfile contains SDX4.45, SIDE-loader and MyBIOS for MyIDE-formatted CF-cards.

At powerup you can select what you want to boot.

The SDX4.45 and SIDE-loader are the same as you have now.

Basically the support for MyIDE-formatted CF is added to the cartridge.


I have included the user-manual for MyBIOS

Manuals etc for SIDE/SDX can be found at the appropiate sites.


The MyBIOS version is 4.6.11 beta (pre-release).

Read at the forum what it supports: http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5574#p5574

Here you can also read further about MyBIOS/MyIDE.


Instructions how to flash:

Download and unzip, use it as D1:

Powerup and type COLD /N

follow the instructions on the screen.


Instructions how to flash back:

Download the flasher you want, use it as D1:


hold SHIFT and select "R"

follow the instructions on the screen.

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I did some rework on the MyIDE/SIDE BIOS.


The flasher contains the original SDX/SIDE setup and MyIDE.

Also I added 8 standard atari 8k games like starraiders, pac-man etc.

Since there is plenty of room left in this 512k flash-rom ;-)


The new version can use FAT32+APT/MyIDE formatted cards.

The tool for initializing a CF-card in dual-format is not yet supported in the IDE-menu.

But the BIOS will detect FAT32-cards and when in MyIDE-mode uses space at the upper half of the CF-card.

But only when a valid MyIDE 4.7 partition is found/made on the media.


Tested and debugged on Altirra, "the best atari-emulator ever!"




Merry X-mas!

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