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Authentic Colecovision Replica Boxes - Donkey Kong - Limited Run! (2/12/13)

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UPDATED (2/21/2013): One year after the last batch...




Starting out the current run: DONKEY KONG





I have had just enough time to make a short run of 20 boxes. Life's been busy the last several months, but I still love doing this, and I hope you do too! Get 'em while they're hot!


The current revision has some noteworthy differences, namely:

  • New DK video game cabinet
  • Redesigned side text
  • Slight change to copyright text
  • Greater accuracy in design layout
  • More true-to-original overall

:arrow: Boxes are priced at $14.00 USD + Shipping price of $2.50 in the continental United States.


:arrow: Shipping to Canada is now $8.55.


:arrow: Shipping price to Europe is now $12.75. Please PM me if you live in Europe just to verify.




PM me if you would like to order and I will reply with a confirmation. Make sure your address is either in Paypal or your PM for faster shipping. Boxes will ship today through next week. Thank you AtariAge/Colecovision Community for all of your support!



Up next...







Original description of replica boxes follows below...



The box layout has been faithfully redrawn in CAD format using precise measurements from Coleco stock. This box is printed using high-quality laser toner, printed from 600 dpi files, and printed on heavy card stock that is on par with original Colecovision box releases. Inside you will find a redesigned insert that keeps the cart and instructions snugly in place. Finally, the box is treated with a UV-protective finish that gives each box a terrific glossy shine and firmness that will keep your box looking sharp for years to come.


The box design was produced in the style true to the primary releases of U.S. Colecovision cartridges in August 1982. The artwork has been completely redrawn with no copied or jpeggy pixelations here! The screenshot on the back of the packaging has been modified from the "artist's rendering" on tube-type television to an actual flat-panel type screen cap.



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I'm interested in one (and the next box design, if it Slithers out...heh)

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I'm interested in one (and the next box design, if it Slithers out...heh)


Likewise.. Love the DK box.



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