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Digital Upscaler for retro consoles

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Hey, I recently had to move into a smaller place and I had to get rid of my CRT tv and keep my HDTV. As you know, HDTVs typically do not handle analog signals too well due to the odd resolutions analog devices use that a digital TV doesn't like.


I am not looking to play my light gun games on my HDTV

I do not want to use emulation

I just want my NES and SNES to look...respectable on my HDTV till I can get a larger place where I can get a CRT again.


So..to sumarize, I am looking for an analog to Digital video upscaler that will not break the bank. I am using a VIZIO Eco HD set with Component, Composite, S-Video, VGA, and Two HDMI (fancy). I know, garbage in, garbage out. But I want my garbage to look better.

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Generally speaking an upscaler probably won't do a much better job than your TV itself. Of course there will be specific exceptions, but really both upscalers and modern TV's are doing the same thing, converting a low resolution analog image into a higher resolution digital image. Some devices will do a better job of it than others, but what's in your TV isn't necessarily worse than what's in an external box.


Are you not happy with the way your consoles look when connected directly to the TV? If not, what complaints do you have? That info might help someone recommend a more specific upscaler.


Edit: I see you have concerns about the out-of-spec video signals older consoles use, but not all modern TVs are victims of this. My 3-year-old Samsung LCD can handle the NES and the Atari 2600, both going through their RF modulators to channel 3 on the TV. I haven't tried other systems yet, but with those I have seen no issues. Also keep in mind external boxes can have problems with out-of-spec signals, though like TVs I'm sure some are better than others.

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Yeah, like the Skunk said... what complaints do you guys have with your current setups? What are you trying to remedy?

Pixelization isn't a product of your TV... that's your TV doing a good job of showing the pixels being delivered to it by your chunky-pixel consoles. Blurry image sounds like you're using RF or Composite. Use the best connection type you can force from your console.

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