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Networking multi-player 2600, other classic games

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I noticed Xbox couldn't truly network 2600 games. I've got a couple theories on this.


1 What is the controller red rate in reads/second for the 2600, others of its contemporaries, and future systems. I'm thinking it's similar to TV refresh rates, 60 Hz,. A cynical investor thinks the controller read rates are more in line with 8 frames/second. (I'll tell you why that's cynical later)


2. Is it true that to do a live joystick stream, you have to beat the time of one controller frame? (if 60 Hz, you need to beat 16 ms, if 8 Hz, you ned to beat 125 ms) I assume that's true.


3. Typical network traffic get anywhere from 80-150 ms ping or a trip between Cleveland and Chicago (600 km). And that would be too high of a ping time to work with joystick streaming. Is the reason because network traffic doesn't go from point A to point B and the only way to beat that is build a private network?


4. Would it make too much "extra programming" to networkize a 2600 game on the 360, an since most 2600 games are reflex an not strategy it's hard to anticipate how an opponent would act an the only way to networkize a 2600 game is to beat the ping time.


I got theories on how to build a "Net-ari 2600" Current Atari and Sega brass say if I can show this works, they'll endorse my product. If my theories are correct and someone knows how to modify a 2600 to A) Y off your controller data to your machine and a network machine, B) receive joystick data from the net, C) Deal with random number data in a way so player 1 transmits its random numbers to the other machines and the rest bypass the normal random number generator and receive random data from the internet, and D) add administration data to temporarily pause a game if there is a network brownout. or frames out of sync all this with either a modified 2600 or a modern machine that plays 100% accurately 100% of 2600 games, (a real chip is probably the answer, no emulation, with a modern piggyback for dealing with those 4 factors above), we can build a Net-ari 2600.


I've got the theory but my electronic skill is limited to cleaning dirty contacts on an old controller, and my programming skills are limited to a first semester college course. I need hep to do this. I either need $16,000 i funding or an electrical and programming hand to do this. Anyone interested, email me with your email and or US/Canada phone number, and well talk. My email is tripletopperATearthlinkDOTnet. If you're not smart enough to get an email address out of that string, then I don't know if you're the right person for me. I assume pretty much everyone reading this except most spambot computers can understand my email.

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