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Networking old video games like 2600

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I've got a theory on how to build a "Netari 2600" a networked Atari 2600. I relies on piggybacking something that reads and writes random numbers and time stamps and writing a subroutine to pause a game if the networked isn't synched. My theory is based on the fact that I've got a network connection that will be able to beat a 16 ms ping time (16 ms/frame= 60 fps) And this theory will work with every 2-or-more-player, 1-screen, 1-controller-per-player game. No matter how great or small. Anyone who nows how to build either a piggyback device, or can modify a 2600 to transmit and receive joystick (easy, use a 9 pin Y adapter) random number and timestamp (harder without disrupting the game) contact me, and we can build a Netari based on my theory. tripletopperATearthlinkDOTnet

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I have been hoping for Netplay with Stella (or any other emulator) for a while now. I still dream of being able to play two-player games or having tournaments in the 2600 HSC to mix things up. I hope this project bears fruit!

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