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Megaman Legends

WANTED: A Bunch Of Stuff

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I knew I would want more sooner or later so I made this thread if you want to see my vectrex "wantings" Click the link http://www.atariage...._1#entry2472800


Nothing Sealed Pls


Anyways here's the list:




Atari Lynx 2 Loose

Gameboy Advance SP Spongebob Edition

GameBoy Micro 20th annerversary of Mario thing CIB

Intellivision 2 with hook ups

Gameboy Light

Macintosh Plus

Macintosh Color Classic


iBook 1st gen blueberry color

iPod Shuffle 1st gen

Commodore PET

Commodore 64

ZX Spectrum

Any IBM computer from the 80s




Gameboy AC adapter

Gameboy Micro AC adapter


GBA Games I don't care if the game here are CIB boxed or comes with something

Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu



Atari 2600 Games loose pls will pay 50 cents each for the more common ones I would prefer if you sell to me a bunch of them in a lot or so. I also don't care for label variations


Combat 2

Atari Video Cube

3D Rubiks Cube


Air Sea Battle


Basic Math


Home Run

Human Cannonball

Indy 500 x2

Realsports Baseball

Realsports Volleyball

Realsports Football

RealSports Tennis

Sky Jinks

Slot Racers

Space Jockey

Space War

Street Racer


Star Raiders

Trick Shot

Haunted House


Pele's Soccer

Video Olympics

Arcade Golf

Canyon Bomber


Frogs And Flies

Tax Avoiders

Grand Prix

Laser Blast


Night Drivers

Riddle of the Sphinx

Star Trek

Star Voyager

Super Challenge Baseball

Super Football


Video Pinball




Sky Diver


Other things

any IBM or Apple mouse

any Talking Heads CD album




More coming soon, I know, I'm slow

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