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HSC9 Round 3: Desmond's Dungeon

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Galaxian is runner up for the third poll in a row so for HSC round 3 it's Creative Sparks' platformer

Desmond's Dungeon

Never played in the HSC before, DD is a decent platform game with two stages to each level, the game can be quite tough, but you can usually take three hits on each of your 3 lives and your power recharges slowly. On the first 'Dungeon' stage take the gold to the chest at the top avoiding the various hazards, then in the 'Vault' throw the gold up to the grab (this is fun!!)


Any problems please post - EVERYONE WELCOME TO JOIN IN - YES YOU!!! :P


Standard HSC scoring

1pt Bonus for highest score after the first two screens (in ONE man!)

Play starting on Dungeon 1 - NO practising the higher levels!

(unfortunately the game eventually gets to an impossible level?!)

Game ends Sun 11th Tue 13th March 10am BST :)



atarimania COM and Instructions

Page6 review

fandal XEX

atarionline.pl ATR XEX [Late breaking news - use the (v4) XEX from here as it has level 11 fixed! See HERE for details and additional bonus point for highest level reached]

atariage ATR fixed version?


If anyone missed the first two rounds there will be a catch-up round later in the season.

Season 9 Current Standings Updated



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1st go 57840 Vault 10


The vaults start to get tricky, lots of spiders and whirly bombs. Still love this game


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Long time no play... got to level 5... not funny when you drop a bag of gold on the spikes and keep getting zapped trying to pick it back up :-o



The Level 1 bonus must in one man folks, sorry innuendo ;)

3,010 (Select/F3 is pause)

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I never heard of this one before, pretty good game.

If there was an alternative top 100 games DD would definitely be in there... probably a 'one go per day' type of game for HSC purposes but we'll pick things up in HSC round 5 when we'll have some sort of bonus round ;-)


liking the larger rr avatar :thumbsup:

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A nice little platformer finally getting its due :).

I made it to dungeon 7, but got bogged down in the vault..




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64050 sadly I got to the impossible level. There's a ladder missing so you can't get to two of the bags of gold

Well done McKong :thumbsup: I was hoping no one would get that far (so quickly!)... I guess they ran out of RAM or never thought anyone would get that far... looks like you'll get to rest but don't forget the level 1 bonus point ;)


I nearly beat level 5... 24,540



[i've posted a DD thread on the main forum]

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I didn't mean to break it, shame cos it starts getting tricky at that point. Hopefully someone can fix it for us :?

Yes lets hope so... I've made it anyone who gets 8bags of gold stored on level 11 will be joint winners - regardless of score.

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I made it to dungeon 11, but alas..I can't get to the last two bags of gold!! :(

How much of this game remains unlocked because of the missing ladder in lv11?

Does Ed Belka know about this fatal flaw in his game? Is he still active, or does someone else at Creative Sparks have the source code? It seems like this should have been caught and/or fixed by the able programmers long ago...




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