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ALIEN GREED 4 - for the Atari 2600 - reserve your cartridge today!

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2600 Connection and Aegis Games to release ALIEN GREED 4




March 3, 2012 - 2600 Connection co-founder and publisher Tim Duarte (a.k.a. timdu on Atari Age) and programmer Chris Read of Ageis Games

(a.k.a. atari2600land on Atari Age) have agreed to release ALIEN GREED 4

on cartridge for the Atari 2600 Videogame Computer System. This will be a special release - there will only be 50 game cartridges made.




The cartridges will be numbered 1 of 50, 2 of 50, 3 of 50, etc. You can sign up to reserve a game.


The price for a game cartridge complete with a full-color label and a manual along with a special box and a special pack-in bonus will be $40 plus shipping.

These will be numbered 1-40. Boxes are being designed by Brad Nuce (a.k.a. ManCaveArcade)


The price for a loose game cartridge will be $25 plus shipping. This will feature a full-color label and a manual. These will be numbered 41 - 50.




Send a PM (Private Message) to timdu to reserve one of the 50 game cartridges.



RESERVE LIST (as of June 22, 2012):


1. Chris Read (atari2600land) BOXED

2. Tim Duarte (timdu) BOXED

3. Brad Nuce (mancavearcade) BOXED

4. zodiacprime BOXED

5. Al Backiel BOXED

6. Russ Perry Jr. BOXED

7. Wonder007 BOXED

8. bennybingo BOXED

9. atarinut76 BOXED

10. TrekMD BOXED

11. ntavio BOXED

12. toymailman BOXED

13. bfstats BOXED

14. jeffgamer BOXED

15. lucifershalo BOXED

16. ianoid BOXED

17. phaxda BOXED

18. cvga BOXED

19. Marc Oberhäuser BOXED

20. Dan Skelton BOXED

21. gambler172 BOXED

22. Charles Gray BOXED

23. gaztee BOXED

24. Uberarcade BOXED

25. ham BOXED

26. cubelindo BOXED

27. FABombjoy BOXED

28. Rick Weis BOXED

29. Furor BOXED

30. Elw00d BOXED

31. Fyrman BOXED

32. mark t (BOXED)

33. FikapPacMan (BOXED)

34. RpgCollector (BOXED)

35. RayXambeR (BOXED)

36. chuys450 (BOXED)

37. neotokeo2001 (BOXED)

38. Andre81 (BOXED)

39. Liduario (BOXED)

40. Conny Jungholt (BOXED)




41. Necron99 (LOOSE)

42. LMB41 (LOOSE)

43. Stonic (LOOSE)

44. Godzilla (LOOSE)

45. Godzilla (LOOSE)




49. Kenny Brooks Jr. (LOOSE)

50. Elw00d (LOOSE)






We are also having a label contest for ALIEN GREED 4

Submit your entry and if it is chosen, you will receive a free game cartridge of ALIEN GREED 4!

Send a PM to atari2600land or timdu.

Be sure to include your entry as an attachment. JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP file formats are fine.

Contest ends: Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 11:59PM


We hope to have the cartridges ready to ship and in the mail during the third of fourth week of April first or second week of May

on Friday June, 1, 2012


A private message (or email) will be sent to each person on the reserve list at that time with payment information.




ALIEN GREED 4 (ALIEN GREED ADVENTURE) takes place in a familiar setting to many Atari 2600 fans - it's in the setting of ADVENTURE!

There are three other games as well that Chris has created. Alien Greed, Alien Greed 2, and Alien Greed 3. All of the games are parodies of

the collector who is a completist, or one who "must have them all."

You play the role of a little green alien, and in your quest to collect Atari 2600 game cartridges in the setting of ADVENTURE,

you will run into many adversaries and obstacles who are out to stop you, including a dragon!

Once your little green alien collects 20 Atari 2600 cartridges, a key appears. Grab the key and head to the yellow castle and you

will enter the boss stage! There's lots to explore, so reserve your copy today!


ALIEN GREED 4 is It is not a "hack" of Adventure (by Atari).

ALIEN GREED 4 is a 16K NTSC videogame cartridge for the Atari 2600 and was programmed by Chris Read using batari BASIC,

which was created by Fred Quimby.


As a comparison note, ADVENTURE (by Atari), which was programmed and created by Warren Robinett, is 4K in size.


For more info, check out:




If you have any questions, please let me know.



Edited by timdu

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I would like to reserve one....please advise.




- Wonder007

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PM sent also.

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I have updated the first post. More than half have already been reserved! Thank you everyone for a great start!



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March 30, 2012 - UPDATE:


Production has begun on making the 50 cartridges. There is still time to enter your artwork for the label contest, too...


There are 8 carts of the boxed version left and 8 carts of the loose (no box) version left on the reserve list.

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