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Atari 2600 manuals

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hey all, i found this a while ago and thought it might be worth posting.

check it out . (I put the nes ones in classic gaming general)





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Says all download spots for that megashare links are full now.


Either way Big thanks to the OP here and to the one in the link that User42 put up! I have gotten the NES download and now the 2600 thanks to the OP here. Can't thank him enough. Now If I can just find the 5200 and Colecovision manuals with overlays......

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I have been doing manuals for years. I have 100% complete USA collections for Atari 2600 , Atari 5600 , Atari 7800 , Atari Jaguar , Intellivision , Colecovision , NES , Virtual Boy , Sega CD , (I feel like I am forgetting some.... I know N64 is only missing a couple...)


You can prob still find them all on the torrent site UndergroundGamer although I no longer visit the site , (one too many disagreements with the way the site is run...) , but they were all well seeded so I am sure they are still up.

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