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Lot of 8 Philips CD-i games!

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Hi, I have some CD-i games that I am looking to get rid of. I dont' have a CD-i so I can't test them but they all are in decent shape. I would expect them all to work, but I can't be sure since I don't have a CD-i. Some of the discs have moderate scratching but like I said, I think they will probalby work. They don't have manuals but two of them have brochures for other CD-i games. There are also little orange stickers on the bottom right corners. They can easily be taken off with no damage done to the slip cover. I'm asking $40 shipped or best offer.


The games are:

International Tennis Open: Good, disc has moderate scratches. Nothing awful though.

Battleship: Good, has light scratches and some fingerprints.

Sargon Chess: Good. Light scratches and fingerprints.

Pinball: Good. Case has a piece of paper taped on front. The disc has some moderate scratching and fingerprints.

Escape From Cyber City: Good. Light scratches and fingerprints.

Tetris: Good. Only light scratches.

Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia: Very good. Very light scratches and fingerprints.

Mystic Midway: Good. Has some moderate scratches.


I'm open to offers. Just looking to get rid of them really. Thanks! PM me with offers or any questions you may have.


Also I realize the picture is upside down, I'm not sure why lol.


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