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Captain Bruce pre-preorder thread (Odyssey)

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Hi, I'm going to go ahead and make a pre-pre order thread. What this means is I'm going to make the game, but I don't know how many copies to make. So I'm making this thread to gauge interest. This game is NOT for the Odyssey2, it's for the original Odyssey, the one released in 1972. I'd like to call this a 40 year anniversary tribute but don't know if I'll get it out in time (the console was released in May, 1972) Anyway, I'm going to price this at $30. This is what you'll get:



An overlay (haven't decided which size to use.)


very small 8-page comic book


The game uses cart #5. THIS GAME DOES NOT COME WITH THE CART, so if you don't have cart #5, you'll have to look elsewhere for it.


Anyway, I'll start a list. PM me if you want to be added to it. I don't expect this to get too out of hand, I doubt that many people have an original Odyssey.


1, ME (reserved)

2. (reserved)

3. zodiacprime

4. ianoid

5. (reserved)

6. Psychedelic Shaman

7. Uppy

8. Jeffgamer

9, retrogmr

10. y-bot

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If anyone is on the fence about this it is a very cool game. You wont regret picking it up

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OK, I think ten copies should be enough, unless someone else posts in here, then I'll make it a dozen.

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If you post pics of some of the stuff you have done I bet youll get more preorders. I think it looks great so far

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