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UFO Attack - 2600 only

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UFO Attack - Tomy's Revenge




First of all this is not an emulation of the real game released by Tomy Electronic in '80 for their popular handheld video games , btw this Atari VCS version is very close to original counterpart .

The game is 80% finished , wrote in assembler , should be fitted on a standard 4KB cartridge.


For those unfamiliar with the original game :


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Is Tomy's UFO Attack any relation to Bambino's UFO Master? They look similar,

I ask because Bambino's UFO Master was actually used in the Blade Runner soundtrack in the track called "Memories of Green".


Kinda cool movie trivia there.

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@ComputerSpaceFan : I don't know the story of Bambino's UFO Master , but searching on the net they look different ; the in-game sound effects are almost similar for missiles launch and hits ("bip" & "bop" ) .

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Tomy UFO Attack and Bambino Master Blaster feature two different game styles. I still own my Bambino Master Blaster--loved it to death as a kid but don't play it enough now.


BMB features alien "saucers" for enemies rather than Space Invader style critters. And rather than marching towards you Space Invaders style, the Bambino saucers fly down towards you, like a slower Mattel Battlestar Galactica Space Alert. Sometimes the saucers divide from 1 into 2, or slide off the side of the screen.


I have to say that the claim that Bambino licensed this game from Tomy has to be false. The gameplay is different (side-to-side descent vs. vertical fall) and the VFDs are quite different.


This YouTube video shows you the basics:


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