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I recently got an atari 2600 Jr console from eBay the Console is in great conditions and the switches and all of the other parts of the console work flawlessly but when i put in the game spider fighter when the game boot sup and comes on the screen where you would see the copyright date and the publisher/developer (in this case Activision) the letters in Copyright are not being displayed correctly. as you can see from the pictures below.



I was just wondering if anyone here has had the same problem and if It is the console or one of the switches or a RIOT chip problem. But like I said all of the other games work just fine like they do on all of the other 2600 consoles that I own except spider fighter. Any suggestions would be appreciated






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There have been disscusions about later made ataris not handeling timing correctly, particularly late model jrs with the three chips packed into a single chip. Not much that can be done if thats the case.


Incidently if it is one of those "atari in a chip" models, then its a great collecters find. Look through the posts about jr incompatabilities to tell what you got without opening it.



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