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The Official Intellivision Serial Number Database

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revolutionika, friend

i have a problem


under what sort of condition i have to file this?




loose - incoplete?

and where do i find a serial number on that?



now seriously,


i liked to add my "braaaaand new machine"


distorted as my mind is,

i 'm not quite sure, under what condition i have to file my console?




but it's your database,

take a look at it and give me a hint



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On the junk certainly not?


No, i wasn't asking about that, the serial number is rather easy to find on the box or on the console.


It's the condition i'm not certain about,


CIB, i guess that's ok,

"CIB german" it has a "TÜV" label obviousely it's a german box,


also i recognized that the swiss general importer was only a subsidiary of the german seat in hamburg, i found that info on the back of the catalog.

While i assume for certain language specific things they must have had a different way to get to it, because in germany certainly

they don't sold cartridges with french or italian manuals, neither i think that cartridges was packet especially for the samall market in switzerland.

I assume it was a "mix" and they might have packet it here for the different languages.


Switzerland is polylingual, we have 4 national languages, german, french, italian and "rumansch"


Some boxes and this i remeber also, included manuals for all three languages, while boxes & manuals like for "Shark! Shark!" are already polylingual.


read about "rumansch" in the spoiler (or "let's play...")



"Rumansch" is accepted as national language, but it's a very small amount of ppl who speak this language natively, certainly no manuals in "rumansch"

further "rumansch" doesn't equals to "rumansch", in this language, as few as speak this language even exist differences, but they made a "modern" rumansch though it can be learned at school.

That's unique, roundabout 2000years after the roman empire we have still some who speak a sort of latin which is in fact far closer to latin as any other latin language. It's a relikt and personally i assume

such would have been the "living spoken latin". I didn't think it changed much since then, except for one idiom which is more "italian colored" due to it's closeness to italy.

Most celtic (geal) fled to west, not because of the romans, must have been somewhat later when the alemannic tribes invaded switzerland, some stayed in hidden valleys like in "Grison" or "Wallis",

we saxons and alemmanic say "welsh", "welsh" means you can't understand them, it's not only the language they couldn't understand, they couldn't understand their whole culture,

obviousely "Wallis" & "Wales" is rooted in pretty the same. The whole western, french part of switzerland is called in our idiom "Welschland".

Small country, lots of languages, caused by the geographic situation, to make business between north and south you had to pass this region, also certainly a reason for the wealthyness of some.

Since a decade or so the swiss start now to claim that they are a celtic tribe, but that's by far not true, the alemannic forced the celtic to leave this reagion and only a few stayed, swiss are alemannic

more as i am as a german, far more, you can see that on how old villages are build or on other historical facts & relicts. The typical stingyness, "work & build" and to put a fence around everything is alemannic.

Typical Settlers, invade a region, raise flag, put fence around, next flag, next fence. alemannic villages are "stupidly" build on the right and left side of a single street, while celtic villages have a layout like the web of a spider

(star = aster, like = ix?) and in the centre is a fountain and the market place, later often replaced by a church, christs used to cover celtic religious places by putting a church on it, "Bam!".

Settler tac-tic as well. always the same, stick flag in ground, raise fence, next flag. This mentality isn't celtic, but why do we have the richest banks? because they are celtic who believed things doesn't belong to a single one? never!


In the region where i live and also grew up you find a few relicts, a couple of small "menhir", monolithic rocks, in "Gommiswald" a row of them, i have to check them out once, in "Kaltbrunn" a single small one, but a quite interesting one.

Obviousely it has been used for astronomical observations, at least this is what i recognized immediatly, if you kneel in front of it and peep over the "menhir" you see between two mountains on the other side,

works like a "notch" is that the proper term? however, "works like a gun" and easy to imagine for me that you can specify with this exactly the equinox, which is base for a calendar. In "Elm" the most back valley village in Glarus there is a chappel build on a hill, in the mountain to the south there is a hole, each 21st of march/october the sun shines through that hole exacly on the chappel, obviousely the christs simply build the chappel on a former celtic religious place,

which is a natural sun observatory one could say. Alemannic never cared for such imho, they abused and also destroyed a lot of that. And yeah i can imagine well what effect such had on the "believers",

imagine, you build the chappel in a way though the sun will shine on this date exactly through a window behind the preacher, that must have looked to them as he would be lightened up by some holy light, a halo in other terms.


just because i'm such a "space invader" a graphic:





the smallness of the Menhir isn't even hindering, vice versa, as smaller the menhir is the more precise will be the result, because you can't change your observations angle.


In India, we travel now half around the world, you find relicts of giant human made sun observatories, but the principle is the same, probably even the celtic placed a helper

on the other side of the valley to mark the positions, you could communicate with a fire, smoke, a flag or a signal horn, like "two signals, move left" - "three signals, move right" - "one signal, stop".

In India they made i don't know > 5000 years ago calendars which still work, such a precision they reached with this. We don't have to travel to south america to find some astonishing ancient culture

it's in front of our doors, one just has to open its eyes to see it.

Us humans was always very bright, maybe in "stoneage" we was even a little more intelligent as we are now.

Because to figure such out needs fare more as to build on existing knowledge, and we do it not even well, we kick our ancestors as well as future generations in the ass.

Such releases anger in me and sometimes i would like to blast them in atoms with my spaceship(s).

Greed and waste of resources will cost us our breath.

Never ask me what i think to what it is bound, it has something to to with a mans libido, only the "weak" (doesn't means particulary strength in muscles) need to compensate this with power or greed.





Holes in moutains are nothing special, there are just not many who produce a effect like the one in Elm, that the sun will shine on a unique date on a certain place.

On my above "graphic1" you can see that the earth "changes its angle rel. to the sun" (respectively the earth keeps the angle but orbits around the sun),

thus this happens only twice a year, on a different date the sun won't shine through the hole.

I imagine it was used to calibrate other obsevatories, because this is given, it won't change (a little with the precession, but that takes many thousend years before it's noteworthy).

As soon you have this point, best exactly on "equinox" you can send out a messenger to inform one that now is exactly "equinox", thus another one can calibrate his observatory.

And so on. Informations about how and the meaning of that, the celtic exchanged with coins, that's also clever, to a "Roman" a coin is a piece of gold, for a celtic druid it was like a book to read in.

Secret informations carried from one hand to the other over the whole european region, but no one else understood the messages (graphic3).


Of course all this works only if you are either on the northern or southern hemisphere, close to the aequator such is not to observe well.





Encrypted Astronomical knowledge, the dot with the snake biting its own tail is earth, the endless revolving life, right of it obviousely Mars with phobos and deimos, the whole thing is either the sun (flames) but also the moon (crescent),

more, the "crescent" marks also a "uterus" (fertility) as well as a "lyra" (arts, together with the "lightnings"), the lightnings themself mark in this modernized design a spaceship (won't work without for me) heading for Mars.

Dots on top and bottom "Venus" and "Jupiter". Of course the whole thing in the centre is a sort of "idol" a head, has two eyes, a mouth and hairs if you close your eyes a little you might recon a horse skull.

See, if you mint that on a coin, who will understand the meaning if you don't know the code? It would be just a coin, with a more or less good design. Druids was the only between the celtic who had the right to mint,

that's why they used it to exchange secret informations. Value of a coin was only measured by the weight of the gold, they had no numbers minted on it, all over the roman empire and egypt.

For anybody who cares only for the value of the gold from which the coins was made it was nothing else as a piece of gold, not clever enough to understand what it really is.


And yeah, a indogermanic and a african looking woman, marking friendship between the tribes, the friendship between all tribes is to me the most important thing.










I found some quite interesting stuff in some of the boxes, it's cool that everything is in such a good condition.

I found a "Game Owners Club" membership registration...




For "Skiing" there is only a italian manual inside, i didn't think he lost the others, else everything is complete, more as complete, i said i found even personal notes to the games of him.

Someone who is such circumspect doesn't loses a manual certainly not the one in his own language.


While lunatic Gernot? c'mon boxes and manuals in foreign languages was the first i trashed, "i don't need that" and the cartridges was stored in a suitable floppydisk case, i'm a rather practical thinking person.

Never took much care to my toys, not even to things i made myself "i can do that again, it's just matter".


It's easy to see when one reads the spoiler, i only care for us humans, that's important! the rest is "just dead matter".


But like a said no critics,


i understand the collecting well, especially in this case, yes i have to say it moved me a little, holding the boxes in my hand in the condition they are

and i thought to myself

"only good not everybody thinks like you".

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The guarantee card seems to be special for Switzerland.

It says "Garantie" (on your photo). In Germany it says "Geräte Pass". Is it multilingual?

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Bilingual, french and german.


only one canton speaks italian, "ticino" and a few villages in "graubünden",

often italian is neglected because of that.

french is already a third of switzerland and i know a few ppl all around the world even believe it's our national language.

it was once, when switzerland was occupied by napoleon, he modernized switzerland, school, traffic and local governing.

it was also very modern to speak french back then, similar like in germany, studied ppl spoke french not german.


i also have only one manual in italian from "skiing", therefore it has no else, i assume it's a italian release.

probably, if they sold some at all in ticino, they sold there italian releases, it would make sense.


the Intellivision was really rare to see in switzerland, most owned either a atari or because of the same release date here a colecovosion.

i guess it was released here a little to late.


personally i guess colecovision was preferred by the shops, usually when they showed the consoles in competition it attracted far more young ppl as the Inty.

It's bound to the closeness of coleco had to arcade machines, while i never liked it, i missed the sports games and thought the games are sloppy animated.


it wasn't sold well, this i know.

and it vanished after two years from the stores.

seen i have the intellivision quite early at the FERA (Schweizerische Radio- und Fernseh-Ausstellung), 1980 in zurich,

but it wasn't sold here at this time yet.


zumindest nicht in dem kuhdorf aus welchem ich komme ;)


but anyway i had to buy this with my own money, my parents wouldn't have giftet it to me, i guess my mother didn't liked the idea of computergames.

but my father certainly liked it when i bought it new and we played often golf together, until, yeah daddy "needed" his news, i had to buy me a own tv set.

mother finally found the running man also very funny to watch :) "nein, wie das nur schon aussieht"

but she never liked seeing me playing games like "armor battle", wargames is something where her understanding ends.

as she's a "trümmerkind" this is comprehensible, to alive are the memories of war.

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I added a couple consoles about 2 weeks ago as well, a Super Video Arcade and an Intellivision II that I both acquired recently. :)

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I have an odd serial # to add. It's unlike any of the Intellivision 1 serial numbers on the list so far.


...and it is...?

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submit it Jason! You can send me pics too or paste in here.

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I have an odd serial # to add. It's unlike any of the Intellivision 1 serial numbers on the list so far.

Pics or it didn't happen.

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OK, I submitted it to the SN Database.


Here are some pics:

Old SN Console 1

Old SN Console 2

Old SN Console 3

Old SN Console 4

I think it's an earlier Hong Kong model, but I've never seen a serial number like this one before. I suspect that the initial 4 in the SN is a location indicator and it's # 292. That is just a guess. Thoughts?

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OK, I submitted it to the SN Database.


Here are some pics:






I think it's an earlier Hong Kong model, but I've never seen a serial number like this one before. I suspect that the initial 4 in the SN is a location indicator and it's # 292. That is just a guess. Thoughts?

I think you might be right. Now I'm gonna have to check through mine

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I haven't been around here for a while and decided to check if my INTV System III was finally added to the database yet. Well I found it in the database, but with a partially incorrect serial number. Instead of it being listed with the proper serial number "RH 169475", you instead have it listed as "A 169475". Everything else including the console's region was correct.

Picture of the serial number:

Edited by nightwheel

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