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Since I already know there is intrest big enough in this to make it happend, and i have ultimate1mb shipments done i would like to start next project

this time i won't be assembling boards by hand, instead panels and parts will go to proffesional assembly house

this should speed up the process


whats on todo on this project is to make bios more user friendly and intuitive, and perhaps to add some features

apart from this hardware design is fixed and working stable


good news is that in intrest pool estimated price was 90usd, and i know i can do it for only 70usd


there is no diffrence between NTSC or PAL boards, so all one needs to make an order is to put a reply here and send me PM (or wait for me to do so)


some features:

  • 4 slots for OS separate for Colleen and XL/XE mode
  • 64k of FLASH for future GUI
  • 2 slots for BASIC/CARTRIDGE
  • build in, configurable PBI CF card storage (works as PBI in XL/XE mode, and through SDX driver in Colleen mode)
  • build in FAT32 loader (SIDE)
  • SDX
  • onboard RTC
  • 1MB Axlon compatible memory expansion for Colleen mode
  • 64k/320k/576/1088k total memory available in XL/XE mode
  • up to 52k of memory in Colleen mode (configurable)



here are some pics showing install process





Mimo's clips:



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too cheap :)


Will the production boards require swapping the two resistors?

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generally even prototype boards doesn't require this unless we will find some stuborn cartridges

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