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Ben Klammer

How to contribute a manual scan?

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While cleaning out some sauce, I came acros the manual to Star Raiders for 2600. I noticed you guys don't have a scan, just an HTML version. How would I go about contributing a scan of my manual? (Or was it trascribed to HTML 'cause of lingering copyright crap?)

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I keep my sauce in the refrigerator, but I've never run across any manuals in there. I don't know about the scan, but there's another forum for site related questions; you may want to post your question there if nobody answers your question here.

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I am not sure who "Albert" is, and I've emailed at least 2-3 people who have started threads like this soliciting manual scans, and gotten no response. I have an Atari 5200 that a college friend gave me, knowing that I like classic games. His wife wanted him to get it out of the house, and my wife now wants me to get it out...but he has several manuals in great shape that (unless I'm mistaken) it looks like Atari Age doesn't have PDF scans for.


Since nobody's responded re: where I should send these, I'm putting these scans up on my own site and putting links to them here. Whenever whoever does manual scans here wants to take them and add them to Atari Age, feel free to do so. They're all scanned in 200dpi; each one is around 1-2 Mb, one might be 2.5 Mb.


Dodger Cars



Fire Fighter



Missile Command



Star Voyager



Target Fun



Vanguard (a few pages look a little crooked...I checked this twice - they're PRINTED crooked in the actual manual)






I have about eight or nine more; two of them are large fold-out things that I'm going to take to work and scan on the large photocopier. Will post as I get them done.

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Albert is the generous guy who hosts this site. He's a busy guy, but if you post to the forum about the site, he'll read it for sure (Web Site Comments, at the bottom of the list of forums).

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