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Intermittent video

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Just got my first ever 7800...


At apparent random, the video cuts out for a split jiffy, then right back on (during which time you get a loud "Pshhht" from the audio static from the OTA channel 3). With some testing, it kinda seems to only happen with a few games, but not all. Though, I'm gonna further test to verify. In five minutes or so of game play, it may do this like 3 times or so.


Tried it on two different TV's. It's plugged it without an RF box, just the standard RF cable with the COAX adapter.


Is this a common problem (with a common fix?), or should I be shopping for a new unit?

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Well, for whatever it's worth - - I tried a different cable (long shot, I know but ...) and that is not it. Also, confirmed - - this only happens with 7800 titles - - 2600 games do not exhibit any problems.

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