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All black Jaguar Controller on E-Bay

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Those proto pads are Buddies' auctions - they've been up a while I think (deffo seen them before a bit back). When I collected proto/dev/super rare stuff i think I'd have been able to convince myself to pay what he's asking at a push 'cause they are unique and therefore really desirable for collectors (e.g. I had a proto Saturn joystick and multi-tap at one point, think I paid over $150 each for them, OK, so not quite in same league). But the way things are for most people these days it's hard to justify spending that kind of money on these types of things.

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All I have to say is thanks to Ebay I got to see another rare item. That controller looks really cool.



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The same kind of proto (or was it even the same pad) has been sold on eBay in 2006 for €77.

Link here (sorry in french): http://www.yaronet.c...php?s=84753&p=1

the most interesting thing is that some wrote this was NOT a proto of Jag pad but rare version of Falcon pad (as the usual one is grey with blue buttons and cross).


The black pad may possibly be a Jag proto...or just a rare version of the pad which went into production and not a proto at all.

The lack of Atari logo on the back could confirm it is a proto as I suppose the black version of the Falcon pad probably has it.


Here are 2 anothers pics of that black pad from the net.

I can't indicate any link about them as they are recovery files from a crashed hard drive and I lost the info from where they come :/




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