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Jaguar HSC Revamped, Season 4, ROUND 4

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Jaguar HSC Revamped, SEASON 4, ROUND 4

(Round Over)





Start from the very first web on Tempest Plus mode (not classic, and not 2000). Play until you Game Over.


If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: http://www.atariage....son-4-schedule/. It is recommended that you take a photo of your score, but it is not required. We go on good faith here, so please be honest.. :)


Tempest 2000 SCORES:

  1. Twoquickcapri - 209,102(+9pts)
  2. PFG 9000 - 174,230 (+6pts)
  3. Lentzquest - 162,052 (+3pts)
  4. Jeremiahjt - 150,414 (+1pts)
  5. sh3-rg - 141,000 (+1pts)
  6. Darrin9999 - 125,327 (+1pts)
  7. atariLBC - 107,411 (+1pts)
  8. Roadrunner - 85,916 (+1pts)
  9. Jblenke - 28,326 (+1pts)

The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:

  1. Lentzquest - (18 pts)
  2. Twoquickcapri - (12 pts)
  3. Jeremiahjt - (12 pts)
  4. Gunstar - (9 pts)
  5. sh3-rg - (8 pts)
  6. PFG 9000 -(7 pts)
  7. Darrin9999 -(4 pts)
  8. ydcl - (3 pts)
  9. Samanthalt - (3 pts)
  10. Jblenke - (2 pts)
  11. Roadrunner - (2 pts)
  12. Atari2600land -(1 pts)

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141,000 (not sure on the last three digits) - couldn't take a picture, screen went off before I could fire up the camera (I think I was still holding the fire button as I didn't realise it was my last life) and didn't make the high score table... Lost tons of lives on the last blue level :/ I'm sure to play this again though to beat that score anyway, and keep off the fire button at game over.

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I guess Tempest Plus grew on me a bit, but it really made me miss Tempest 2000 at first. I don't care much for the difficulty curve of Tempest Plus. It seems incredibly dull for the first four levels or so, and then all of a sudden they throw spikes, spikers, and tankers in there, and it gets crazy. The difficulty peaks at the Figure-8 stage, and then gets easier again for awhile. I wish the difficulty was a more steady increase instead of being so uneven. But this does make me appreciate traditional Tempest a bit more, I suppose.

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It's tough to play this mode when it'd be so easy to reset and play 2000 mode for the full experience :)



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You are all using the AI, right? :)






Well in that case, put me down for 107,411. I've never spent a lot of time on "plus". It's not nearly as high scoring as 2000 and the lack of power ups make it a real challenge.

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