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Coleco IDE card & CV/ADAM Technical Manuals

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As a newcomer to the ADAM, I was wondering what the current state of modern storage on the ADAM was. The last post here dates from 2012, and most of the sites I have been to are either long dead or severely outdated...

Frankly, the current ADAM landscape seems pretty barren, unless I'm missing something...

The IDE CF Card setup was updated to a Dual CF Card setup with 100Mb of storage along with numerous other updates to the menu program. It is still available thru ADAMcon.


ADAMcon also released the Virtual Disk Drive (aka ADAMnet SD Drive) in 2016 that uses disk images and therefore is compatible with all ADAM software.


The latest addition to the lineup of ADAM modern storage devices is the ADAMnet Drive Emulator (ADE) by Sean Myers and built by John Lundy. You can find all the info on this one in a thread on here as well as the Coleco ADAM Facebook page.


So all our modern storage needs have been met and are available for purchase.

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I found ANN which seems to have most of the storage options you mentioned. Does ADAMcon own that site or are they just a storefront for his hardware?

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