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Custom Dust Covers for Classic Consoles/11/23/17 Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays

To all, Barb and I wish you the best for the holidays


****Coming very soon ****

Sega combos. Many variations will be available, including the CD, the CD platform and so on.

If you have any interest in these, send me a PM indicating which or what combinations you are looking for.


How many times have you seen a console setting on a shelf,or a table,and covered in a fine layer of dust or sticky fingerprints?


Dust and sticky stuff is not our friend!And its certainly not a friend to our consoles.

So, a dust cover is not only "eye candy" but it keeps that console killer, dust out.


Oh,lets not forget those other killers,foreign objects,unknown liquids,and little kids.

And it adds a touch of cool to your collection


*****And to all of you sending prayers our way, Barb and I thank you.*******

Leukemia is for lack of a better description a life changer.Since I was diagnosed with this a year and a half ago, our lives have seen the entire range of emotions. I was told that I had 1-2 years left when they 1st found it.

Then after a very aggressive pattern of chemo and blood transfusions, it went into remission 4 months ago.

But now its back again, and I have to be very worried about infections. So we are back to the chemo again, and hope that another miracle will occur.

After a depressing vist with the Dr. it appears that choices of treatment , have become limited. I can either go to the hospital for a month where they would treat this with a very very aggressive chemo, or I can get a milder version , given as a shot for 5 days, every month.

The choice is becoming clear, and it is Quality or Quantity.

I have chosen the quality, and with that I am not sure where it will go. I will say that at least I have been given the option, which alot of people do not get.And after the second go around with the Chemo, I am holding my own.I cannot decide which is worse, a round of 15 shots or getting a bag hooked up for an hour at a time.

Bottom line,with Barbs help, and the amazing drugs I soldier on. Again thank you to all who send us best wishes.

Since my wife(Barb) started making these covers over 16 years ago,she has continued
to expand the choices.I am posting a lot of pictures so you will be able to see
all of the choices available.
For those of you just seeing these for the first time,we have been selling on Ebay over
15 years,Atari Age over 5 years and have sold covers to buyers worldwide!


Covers for the Atari 400 and 800 now available with Red or White logos.


These are all custom made,from"pleather" which is a type of vinyl/leather.Easy to clean,and maintain

Yes,we will accept Paypal-verified


*******Shipping, no problem with going out of US, as long as you know I have nothing to do with USPS pricing*******


Yes, we will combine shipping.


And yes, we will give a discount when multiple items are bought.

While most of the pictures show the cover installed on an actual console,a few do not,which is why they look dis-sheveld
OK,pricing is as follows:


3DO $31.00


Atari 1050(Floppy Drive) $17.00

Atari 5200-$18.00

Atari 5200 Trak- ball-$16.50

Buy both of the 5200 units(Console and Trak-ball) $32.00

Atari 2600-$18.00

Atari VCS-$18.00

Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer-$18.00

Atari Jr/Rainbow-$14.00

Atari 7800-$18.00



**Atari Specials all 4 covers $60.00= 2600,7800,5200, and 5200 Trakball

Atari Jaguar-(white)-$16.00

Atari Jaguar-(red)-$16.00

Atari 400- White or Red Logo-$17.00

Atari 800xl-$18.00


Atari 800 Red or white logo-$19.00


Atari Jaguar CD-$18.00-White or Red lettering

Colecovision Console $18.00

Colecovision Roller Controller$16.00

Colecovision Module 1(Atari Adaptor)- $15.00


Colecovision Module 2-$18.00

Buy all 4 for $65.00


Commodore 64-$18.50


Commodore Vic 20-$18.50


Commodore C128- $18.50


Commodore C16-$18.50



Fairchild Channel F -$22.00 **Has cutout for power cord and joystick cords**

Intellivision(Master System)-$18.00***With running man logo***


Intellivision II-$16.50


Both Intellivision Special Covers $32.00


Intellivision=INTV III- $18.00


Magnavox Odyssey II $25.00


Mattel Aquarius Computer $16.00


Nintendo-NES 101 Red or White Lettering-$16.50

Nintendo/NES White or Red Lettering-$17.50


N-64-White or Red Lettering-$17.00

SNES-White or Red Lettering-$17.00



Sega Dreamcast-orange-$18.00

Sega Dreamcast blue-$18.00


Sega Dreamcast Red- $18.00


Sega Genesis II-$16.50

Sega Genesis-16 bit $18.50

Sega Saturn -$18.50

Sega Master System -$16.50


Sega Mega Drive- $17.50



Sega Mega Drive II - $16.50



Sears Video Arcade II $18.00 ***Looks like the Atari 7800


Sears Tele-Games(Atari 2600) -$18.00


Sears Tele-Games(Atari Heavy 6r)- $19.00




Sony Playstation 1 $16.50


Sega Mega Drive- $17.50


Sega Mega Drive II - $16.50


RS 80/Tandy/Radio Shack Computer-$19.00


Texas Instruments 99/4a $18.50


Turbo Graphx 16/TG 16 $18.00



Vectrex Dustcover Black /w/ Blue ,White,Red logo $38.00


Vectrex Cover Gray with Black/Blue $38.00


XBox(Original) $25.00


PM me for additional questions
And Thanks for looking.




Over the past few years we have had numerous requests for consoles and computers that we do make.


The reason we do not make them is because we have not had the actual console/ computer to use for a template. Buyers say, well I can give you the dimensions or send a picture. The problem is that dimensions do not take into account all the curves, bends, protrusions etc that are common on these units. So, working from supplied dimensions almost never works.


Barb and I are not as mobile as we used to be, so trying to find these computers/ game consoles is a crap shoot at best and a waste of time at worst.


What we can offer is this.If you have a console/computer, preferably a parts shell unit, that your willing to send us, we will make a cover for it and send it back at no charge!

Now, we are not interested in units that are so obscure that there might only be 100 in the world. Obviously for us to make the cover there has to be a market of some kind, so please keep that in mind.

So, shoot me a PM, let me know what your looking for and we can see if we can help each other!






























































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I bought a 2600, 2600 Jr, Genesis and Commodore 64 dust cover and they're all very well made. Highly recommended.

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Very awesome! I can tell you've increased the patterns!


You listed Genesis, but don't say if it's model 1 or 2. No pic either. :(

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Guys, I have something like 20 of these now for the INTV, INTV 2, CV, 2600, 2600 jr, 7800, and Vectrex and I have to say they're fantastic. (that seems obvious since I've been a repeat customer) :) Jerry and Barb are great people to deal with and I'd highly recommend their products. Go forth and buy these. :)

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Do these dust covers completely surround the console, or just slide over the top of it? We're in the process of remodeling the house and I'm running low on storage space, so right now I have all my consoles stacked up in a storage bin, but I don't want to scuff up the plastics from rubbing against each other.


Come to think of it, I could probably use generic felt bags. Your covers are gorgeous, btw.

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Thank you for all the great comments.

She has really put a tremendous ampount of time and energy into this.And just so that you all know,Im not sitting around

eating bon bons.I help,with cutting and measuring :)


Yes these are complete around the console,I thought the pix would have shown that


Yes,body bags,as long as they are for a midget,and you dont care that parts will be hanging out


I didnt want to totally use up all the bandwidth with the pictures,so my bad.I will find the missing Genesis,which I beleive

is the 1st model


Vectrex mad,thank you again for that video


Jaguar XJ/is that the one with the cd?

Pms answered,and thank you again to all who responded

We=Barb and I really appreciate it.

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Those look fantastic! Hurry up, Christmas. I now have some great items for my "Things You Can Give Me and Be Loved Forever" list. ;)

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Genesis pictures added,as you can see its for the Sega model 2

To all of you who have placed orders-Thank you

To all of you that left such nice comments-Thank you


Coming soon,Atari 400

And if I could use this space for a "wanted".We are currently looking for a Sega Genesis model 1,and Atari 800 cases.

Or any other "junkers" you want to get rid of

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I'd really be interested in some dust covers to fit the Atari 1040ST.






The Atari 1040ST form factor was the most popular in the ST line. It's a big bastard, with the disk drive in the side. The same cover would fit the Atari 520STfm 520STe, 1040STf, 1040STfm, 1040STe, and Atari Falcon - so there are several models there.


The nomenclature of that computer line can be confusing, as far as the 520ST is concerned. The original 520ST did not have a built-in floppy drive and is the same width and has a similar appearance, but is obviously smaller....




It really wasn't made that long, so it wouldn't necessarily be a machine to target. The 520STfm/520STe are big models like the first pics.


I'd also like to see one for the Amiga 500.....




.....which is another big bastard, and very similar size/configuration. This was the most popular Amiga computer.


There just aren't any covers around for these old machines. Keeping them in the dark and keeping the UV light (or any other kind of light) from ruining their appearance is of greater importance than dust, in my opinion, but keeping dust off is great too. That's why the material you use for your dust covers is great!


I don't suppose you have an Atari 1040 or Amiga 500 anywhere around to make from, eh?

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Wow. The Dreamcast and Saturn ones are really sexy. I'm thinking you could do some cool pillows from the same materials as well.

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Coming soon,Atari 400

And if I could use this space for a "wanted".We are currently looking for a Sega Genesis model 1,and Atari 800 cases.

Or any other "junkers" you want to get rid of


I'll buy a 400 once they're ready.


Also, someone please send Barb a dead 800 shell!

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