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Atlantean and Pyramid Plunder

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This is a Defender clone I am working on for the PC Engine.


It's aiming to be similar, but a bit different than the original due to sprite limitations. Not having a blitter, and having larger sprites than the original means I can't have the particle explosion stuff running wild.


It is coming along pretty nicely (but is on hold for an MSX development competition), and is planned to come out on an actual HuCard once completed.









Then there's Pyramid Plunder:




Which is a spiffed up Pac Man clone nearing completion, that will be out on PCE/TG-16 Super CD-ROM in the near future.



Figure you guys might like to see this stuff, since they're Atari related, kinda.





There's a few more videos on the youtube that you can check out too, if you like.

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looks awesome :thumbsup: Are you gonna put a radar in so you can see when one of the Patricks get picked up by the jellyfish?

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