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SOLD! - Complete in Box NINTENDO 64 System - Great Condition!

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As a social note, if you have comments, suggestions, or issues on the prices or items on offer below, please PM me, and do not make your OPINIONS a public issue - - thread-crapping is just plain rude. Thanks!


Please PM with any questions or interest! Thanks!


Shipping is separate, but flat-rate - - whatever it costs to get it to where ever you are is all that it costs! (International OK!)





$65 Complete in Box "Charcoal Grey" Nintendo 64 w/official Nintendo Memory Pak pre-installed!


This is super-nice.

Crisp, clean, VERY sturdy box

Perfect, unbroken, unworn styrofoam inside

Practically new N64 unit

Includes the instructions and pack-ins in the original plastic bag


ALSO, **BONUS**, INCLUDES the official Nintendo Memory Expansion Pak !! Play Majora's Mask and other N64 games in high resolution !!

As well, the original "blank" that typically goes in there until you get the Memory Expansion is also included


Really nice. This would look GREAT on the shelf in your game room!


Good, tight and responsive controller, very clean as well


























Thanks for looking!





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that is way to ... oh wait, no threadcrapping. :grin: This seriously is a super deal and you should probably price it higher. So whoever buys this is getting a super great deal!!! That box is awesome. If I didnt have my original box I would be all over this... heck Im still considering it :grin:

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Sorry for the delayed responses - - Darn me for not subscribing to my own thread! :D



@ nonameo - Sorry, no trade needs at this time, I am SO full and backlogged on games that I have hardly played that it's not even funny!


@ AtariBrian - Thanks, chief! (And thanks for not pooing in the thread! ;) ) I have kept this unit in good condition all these years. Eh, you would *think* it should be priced higher, especially with the Memory Pak included, but so the market goes. These sell all day on eBay for barely $20 more than this, plus shipping - - sometimes lower, depends on the day, condition, alignment of the planets . . . Maybe those are not as nice, and the seller might say something like "NO WAY TO TEST! MIGHT BE SENDING YOU BRICKS OR A BOX OF CAT POO INSTEAD!" ;)




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