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Bally Astrocade collection for sale (hopefully last :-)

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Ok, I've been trying to get rid of this for awhile now but I guess selling this large of a collection in one shot just isnt going to happen so I have decided to break it up.

Here is the list again. If you are interested in anything just shoot me an email with a list and offer.


The bulk of these cartridges were acquired by me NEW...although they have all been opened. They have not been used and are therefor in new condition. I have multiple variations of many games including cartridge and manual variations. After each game you will see a note on each. The manuals will simply be denoted as the large book size or the small cassette size. The carts will be marked with the following guidelines:

B1 Bally Original Copyright.

B2 Bally Updated Copyright.

B3 Bally Numbers and updated Copyright

A1 Astrovision

A2 Astrocade

If the game was made by a third party it will be marked as cart or cart and manual.

Some of the harder to find and more valuable games are bold and highlighted in red


280 ZZZap/Dodgem (2001) B1 small&large $15

Amazing Maze (5001) B2 small (2 variations) SOLD

Artillery Duel (5005) A2 large $25

Astro Battle (2009) B3 small&large SOLD

Astrocade Pinball (3005) A2 $70

Bally Basic (6002) B1 large $8

Bally Basic (6004) sealed in package $15

Bally Basic W/Interface B1 large $50

Bally Pin (3005) B2 B3 small&large $15 each

BioRhythm (4004) A1 large $10

Black Jack/Poker/Acey (5002) B1 small SOLD

Black Jack/Poker/Acey (5002) manual large SOLD

Blast Droids (Spectrecade) cart and manual SOLD

Clowns/Brickyard (2004) B2 B3 small&large $13 each

Cosmic Raiders (2019) A2 $50

Dealer Demo B1 $50

Dogpatch (2010) B2 B3 small&large $15 each

Elementary Math Bingo Math (4001) B1 small $15

Football (3002) B2 small SOLD

Football (3002) B3 large $20

Galactic Invasion (2011) A1 large $13

Grand Prix (2014) A1 large $13

Incredible Wizard (2017) A2 largeX2 $15

Letter Match (4002) B1 small&large SOLD

Ms. Candyman (L&M) cart $150

Muncher *marked Muncher SOLD

Muncher *marked Test Programme $70

Muncher *marked with graphic of game (says Pac Man on start up screen) (only about a dozen of these exist) SOLD

Panzer Attack (2003) B1 A2 small&large $15 each

Pirates Chase (2015) A2 large $20

Sea Devil (L&M) cart and manual $200

Sea Wolf/Bombardier (2002) B3 $50

Sea Wolf/Missile (2002) B1 large $10

Sneaky Snake (New Image) cart and manual SOLD.

Solar Conqueror (2018) A2 large $35

Space Fortress (2012) A1 large $15

Space Invaders (2009) B2 $40

Star Battle (2005) B2 B3 small&large $10

Tornado Baseball (3001) B2 B3 small&large $20 each

Treasure Cove (Spectrecade) cart and manual $95

Ward Shrake Multicart #57 with manual $275 SOLD


The system was acquired new by me and has less then 10 hours of use. It is being sold without controllers. $120

S-video adapter kit which was never used. $80 SOLD


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for looking!













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How much for the toe in the fourth picture? ;)


HA.... funny you say that cause I noticed that when I was uploading the new one!!

I'm gonna hang on to that for now.... I use it a lot... but I may consider a trade for extra fingers :-D

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Update and BUMP!

A few more sold items marked off....

Let's go fellows. I want to get rid of the rest of these, new hobby time... buying a pinball machine this weekend :-D :-D :-D

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S-video kit gone.... still plenty of great items to choose from before I submit to the evil tyrannical force that is ebay.

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Thanks Dude. It was a hard decision but I decided I'd rather use the money for something that is going to get used more.

So I went this route... Picked one up last Sunday... :-D



On top of this my MAME cab should be done before the end of the year and I can use that for Astrocade as well if I like.


Take care!

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Thanks for the great astrocade stuff balrog!

Got the games all safely and so happy to add them to my collection! Great seller here everyone!


You mention using astrocade on your mame cab, I have built a nice frontend for the astrocade:

I havent released it yet, but I'll be happy to set you up with a copy if you like when you are ready.

This video is a bit outdated too, I have changed some of the boxart to be more accurate for some of the more rare games. :)

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That's pretty sweet, Mark. Hell yeah I'd like to check out a copy :grin:

Have you or anyone ever found a way to use a Bally controller on the PC with full functionality?


When my mame cab is done I plan on have a couple DB9 connectors accessible to hook up the Bally controllers.

I used to also use them back in the day for Commodore 64 games (re-wired of course).

So this may be my main choice for these games even with the arcade controls available.


But, when I mention full functionality I am referring to the potentiometer part. The joystick and button are no problem but is there a way to use the spinner with an Astrocade emulator?

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