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Interesting forth article

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Thanks JB! I'll post that on C.L.F

Yep. There's no doubt about. Forth is a real mind-fuck if you're coming from BASIC. The problem is that it is very difficult to un-learn all those years of BASIC indoctrination. There's *nothing* wrong with BASIC. It fostered a generation of programmers. But Forth is *so* different from anything else (and so cool!) that it's a massive learning curve. No doubt about it.

Give it a couple more weeks, and then you will catch yourself thinking about a particular programming problem and thinking "Ooh, well, that would be quite simple in Forth... I could do it like this..."

At that point, it's in your DNA and there's no going back.

Aside from Assembler, I haven't touched any other programming language since 2009!

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