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FS: PAL Sega Saturn with extras

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I've got a lovely Saturn here but I never really use it these days.


It's unboxed but is in excellent condition. It also comes with the SCART and RF cables and a shiny new CR2032 battery.


Also included:


Action Replay 4 cart (back up saves and unlocks region protection)

2 Light guns

3D controller

2 first party digital controllers

1 third party digital controller


And boxed games:


Alien Trilogy


Duke Nukem 3D


Daytona USA

Manx TT

Tomb Raider

Virtua Cop


Plus a bunch of unboxed games including Knights Into Dreams, Clockwork Knight and a bunch of boxed sports titles (Madden etc)


Also, last but not least, I have Radiant Silvergun in mint condition with cardboard spine plus the official OST CD in mint condition.


I'd rather not split but I'm open to offers. :)

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Sure. Sorry about not putting any up when I first posted. I'll get onto it after work today. :)

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Sorry for no pictures so far. We've got a lodger in the room where the Saturn stuff is stored and it's not been possible for me to get in there and grab it all out the cupboard... I'll get onto to it over the next couple of days. :)

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