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Metal Jesus

iPad Game Reviews - Lots of iOS Games!

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[b]So many great new iPhone & iPad games for cheap![/b]

temple run brave
major mayhem
buster spirits
mikey shorts
rayman jungle run
king cashing
blast a way
nova 3
shine runner
toucharcade app

Let me know what mobile games you have been playing lately!

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Nicely done MJ. To-the-point review and excellent production. I have streered away from iOS gaming on my 3GS because of control issues, but after seeing some of these new apps I may reconsider.

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[quote name='DracIsBack' timestamp='1350684402' post='2621829']
I've been addicted to Chimpact, Major Mayhem and Bard's Tale on PlayBook.

Is that the Bard's Tale that was released on consoles a few years back, where it's like Diablo but with hilarious dialog? That version was released on iPad recently has has gotten good reviews, plus some new content and updates recently from the developer... I still need to give it a go.

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Just went to the site. Same game. :-)

[b]iOS version: [/b]

[b]Android version: [/b]

[b]BlackBerry PlayBook version: [/b]

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