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Whole bunch of Retro for sale. All Priced.

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Bare with my thread as pictures will be all out of order so make sure that you look at all the pictures. My prices are shipped to the US.


Most the key items (actually most items in this lot) are in fricken fantastic shape.


Sorry, No trades and I will knock a buck or two off for multiple items (not doing a BOGO 50% off though). I think that covers it. Pictures and prices now.



GBA Catlevania Sealed and a beauty. Gradeable for sure. $40



Catlevania Wonderful Condition sold Double Dribble No Manual $5



Double Dragon (same just great) $22



Ogre Battle $sold Banjo Tooie $16



RARE SNES: Mario RPG $sold FF3 $sold Final Fight 3 $50 Knights of the Round $sold Pocky and Rocky $sold



Mario Kart $15 Super Punchout $sold Mario is Missing $9 Mario Time Machine $9 7th Saga $sold Earthworm Jim 2 sold



Tengen Pac Man Grey $8 Ghost n Gobs $10 Life Force old



Lunar Sega CD NOW SOLD Jade Cocoon $20 FF9 $12



War Hammer $8 Toe Jam Earl w/ Box $sold TJE w/o $sold



Faxandu $16 Gauntlet Grey $12



Golf No Book $5 Spyv Spy No book (ink on cart should come off) $10




Mario 1, 2, 3 set $23 Zelda and Link set grey $20 gold sold Narc Turtles n mario 2 $15



$15 for all



Pinbot box sold. $4 for Wizzards box.

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