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XBOX1 250gb Xecutor, Catbox, Haunted House II 3D

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Ive got the following up for sale - questions or comments let me know(pictures at links)



XBOX1 w/Xecuter3 Hardware Mod 250GB HD - $120 plus shipping


1. Xecuter3 hardware mod to allow running of programs from the hard drive

2. 250 GB hard drive

3. Wireless network adaptor

4. 2 wireless controllers (not OEM, 1 is missing battery cover but works fine)

5. 1 OEM controller wired

6. Wireless 'Remote' controller for home media use

7. XBOX Component connector w/optical connection (I never used the optical connector so the plug is in its place in the picture)

8. Original XBOX S-Video connector cable

9. Power cable

10. XBMC dashboard


Jaguar Catbox For Sale w/pics - $215 Shipped included continental US


Haunted House II 3-D Original Release - $125 shipping included Continental US


Original Haunted House II 3-D for the 5200 with the Moon/Castle label

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I just got CoinOps5 for the XBOX and will be updating the emulators on the system.


I might want to keep it once I play around with CoinOps :)

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CoinOps5 installed on the XBOX -


Here is a rundown of what the Xecuter 3 hardware mod provides on the XBOX(copied from the website http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1845):

2MB Flash Rom With 15 Bios Storage Options

Dedicated 256K Backup Rom (Can be upgraded to any bios you wish)

i2c Bus for X3 Config LIVE!

New Enhanced I/O Bus for Full LCD support (and other future hardware addons)

All LCD modules to be custom made with adapters so no soldering required

Flash Protection Control

Mod Enable - Quick Press reset to boot from 2Mb Flash Rom (External LED will indicate GREEN LED)

Mod Disable - Press reset >1 second (External LED will indicate RED LED)

Quick Press Power+Eject >1 second to boot from 256k Backup Rom (External LED will indicate PURPLE LED)

HDD Activity LED

LAN Activity LED

D0 Control (Disable Mod Via Software)

New design external switch with customizable facias

X3 works perfectly without any switches connected - its all optional

New "Pro" switch design to be supplied

Wire Install Option + Included Wire adapter

Pin Header Install Option

New No-Solder Pogo Pin Install Option Available Soon

New emergancy external programming interface Available Soon

Compatible with all current bios's

Supplied with all adapters & cables


Bank Modes:






X3 Config LIVE!

All X3 Config Live! features are displayed on screen


* All works direct from X3 on any new install - v1.0 - v1.6

* Two versions of bios for v1.0 - v1.5 and v1.6

* Select which bios bank to boot from on-the-fly

* Switch to either retail bios mode or FULL debug bios mode

* Display / Edit bios names from each bank

* X3 Auto names bios banks from filename of bios

* Full DHCP & Static IP Support

* Built-in FTP Server with Boost Mode (Over 11,000kb/sec !!!)

* Built-in Webserver

* Flash BIOS via HTTP

* Flash BIOS via FTP

* New FTP Based Bios Storage System

* Control all BIOS / Mod functions and settings from HTTP & PC App

* Enhanced BIOS flash speed

* Built-in Onscreen Keyboard

* Built in screen shot capability (White + Back)

* Boot to X3 Config Live from any dashboard without resetting

* Quick Reboot feature on the gamepad (Black + back)

* Customize all features of the bios on-the-fly

* LBA48 Live Control (Select Partition 6 or 6+7)

* IGR Live Control (Enable or Disable)

* Quick Launch Feature (select different features to be executed with gamepad combos)

* Customize startup animation colors on-the-fly (With Active Color Picker System)

* 6 Xbox Logo color presets

* Customize startup flubber colors on-the-fly (With Active Color Picker System)

* 7 Flubber Color Presets

* Change Camera Angles of the startup animation (select between 15 options or choose random)

* Enable / Disable wireframe flubber

* Enable / Disable TM Symbol on Xbox Boot Logo

* Change background colors of the startup screen

* Customized Flubber model

* Customized X Logo model

* Custom startup logo (x3logo.bmp on E drive - 256 colors 180x50)

* Password your XBOX for extra security

* Change your power LED color on the fly

* Set your Internal Fan Speed on-the-fly

* Enable or Disable Reset on eject hack

* Boot to original MS Dash

* Boot to original MS Bios

* Load Bios from HDD C, D, E, F and Flash (both 2mb Flash Rom & 256k Backup Flash Rom)

* Load Bios from DVD-ROM and Flash (both 2mb Flash Rom & 256k Backup Flash Rom)

* Format & Partition HDD

* Install & Partition Brand new HDD (ready to FTP in less than 5 seconds!)

* Lock / Unlock HDD

* Create a data file (x3data.txt) on E drive with all your Xbox's settings and information. Also includes all your flubber / logo color information for sharing.

* Set / Display Video Mode

* Progressive Scan Control (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i)

* Set widescreen / letterbox

* Set / Display Game Region

* Set / Display DVD Region

* Display HDD Password

* Display All Xbox Live Configuration

* Display All Network Configuration

* Display all Eeprom public and encrypted data

* Display Xbox Version

* Display Video Encoder Version

* Save XBOX EEPROM to X3

* Restore XBOX EEPROM from X3

* Auto Save EEPROM to X3 on first install

* Save Settings to EEPROM

* Set default dashboard

* Setup custom dashboard selection (5 Different Dashboards - You choose)

* Set drive to boot dash from (C E or F)

* Set LBA48 settings

* Set LBA48 v2 Mode (Compatible with XBPartitioner tool)

* Auto Fix of corrupt date / time

* Many Warning dialogue boxes to make it difficult to do something wrong.

* X3 Software Intergration to other dashboards

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