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Official Atari Jaguar packaging templates available here

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Back in the day one of my clients was a distributor who was working on a Jaguar game. I did a little work for them and they supplied me with the templates for Atari Jaguar game packaging -- box, controller overlays, cart labels and instruction manuals -- all nice and vector, fully editable.


Fortunately I saved 'em. I haven't ever seen these show up anywhere so I figured I'd make 'em available for the community to make their own packaging.


These are the US versions. The originals are in QuarkXPress format, which nobody uses any more so I also converted them to Illustrator, InDesign, and PDF formats and gathered up all the missing fonts.


I have the EU version of the packaging too but am not uploading/converting that at this time.


It took a fair amount of work to get these in a usable format but I am making them available here free of charge. All I ask is that if you use these to produce a game, please send me one as thanks. Not a requirement but definitely appreciated. :)







manual template.pdf

US pkg template_US pkg template.pdf

label template.pdf

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I've been using the ones on linko's site, but will check these out, thanks!

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Great effort - thanks for releasing those for free!


One small request though, as I still have an old copy of QuarkXPress here, would it be possible for you to upload those files too?

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Around 30 downloads of each file on average so far - are we to expect a rush of new releases soon? ;-)

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I did not mean to imply that the Quark files weren't also included. They are in the zips. :)


Mega :)

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