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HSC Season #3 - Game #14 Dual Pack

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For the final game before Carol (December 1st), we got a two pack of games, both scoring up to 10 points for the HSC.


Scoring on both games will end on November 30th, 2012, giving a small break between the end of this game and Carol rocking and rolling!


The games on offer are:

  1. Commando - The great shoot or be shoot battle comes to the intellivision, as it's time to rock 'n roll.
  2. Diner - The original Masters of the Universe II made into a BurgerTime! sequel comes roaring to life due to the great life on the INTV. * SCORES MUST be done via DISC (top speed) *

Both games will have their own leaderboards, and will end scoring at 7pm Central on November 30th....


Get to rocking!!!


Score leaderboard (Commando)

  1. JacobZu7 - 57,400 ( +10 )
  2. INTVDude - 56,600 ( +9 )
  3. cparsley - 51,900 ( +8 )
  4. scalpel - 50,400 ( +6 )
  5. Roadrunner - 48,800 ( +4 )
  6. darthkur - 21,200 ( +2 )
  7. jblenkle - 15,700 ( +1 )

Score leaderboard (Diner)

  1. INTVDude - 562,300 ( +10 )
  2. darthkur - 241,300 ( +9 )
  3. Roadrunner - 186,550 ( +8 )
  4. cparsley - 181,350 ( +6 )
  5. JacobZu7 - 91,900 ( +4 )
  6. DZ-Jay - 85,650 ( +2 )
  7. scalpel - 70,250 ( +1 )
  8. jblenkle - 16,050 ( +1 )

Leaderboards are final.


Leaderboard update (Season #3)



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Aww.. I don't have either. :( Oh well. I'll play Carol then (even though I am disqualified from the Carol vs. The World!, I can still aim for the High Score Club score no?) :)



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Damn I don't have either, I am going to have to set an emulator up!

Actually did attempt a score at Q-Bert, but was sick and did not post the score in time (wasn't very high anyway).

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A slight improvement on Diner. But still almost 200,000 less then my best score i made last year when we played. Can't seem to duplicate that performance yet.









Commando is tough. Real tough. I'll try again later.





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"Hello, I'm (not) IntellivisionDude... and I've got a package in the mail!"


I received Dude's Autograph Book for me to start the signing process, and it must have been spring-cleaning time at the Dude's, because it came with an extra sum'n!


I GOT DINER! And just in time for the HSC!!! (Thanks Dude, and thanks USPS speed demons!) :)


I've never played it before, so it was weird at first. It plays like a slowed down version of BurgerTime. I'm not thrilled about the lag nor the weird collision detection, but it's a fun game!


On my first try (without reading the manual) I made about 3K points. My second and third did better, as illustrated below:


Second try: 27,050



Third try: 85,650



Given at least one more day, I probably would have broken 100,000 and even more, but it's 6:00 AM, already and I have to get ready for work! :)




You've made my week. :)



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