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Master Phruby

My Atari Kangaroo cab

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About 17 years ago I picked up a working Atari Kangaroo arcade machine at a local thrift store. They had mis-marked it at $50 but let me have it anyway for that price. The machine is in great shape. The side panels are prefect, the coin slot works but the marque and coin slots don't light up. It even came with the keys, instruction manual and schematics! When we were expecting our third child, the cab was moved to my brother-in-law's house for storage. Now after six years it has returned!









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That is awesome! What a great buy. I really enjoyed that game in the arcade. I like the home ports of it, too, but the arcade version was really special.

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I bought a empty one that I use for my PS2 arcade setup. The side art is fantastic, even though mine's between the wall & my Xevious machine.


Yet again, another great cheap coin op thrift store find.

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