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Hi guys,

After being in production for about a year, i can finally present to you q new original game release on cartridge for the Colecovision console.


In astrododge, you control your ship and have to avoid the rogue asteroids for as long as possible. A point is rewarded for each asteroid that is dodged succesfullly. Picking up the bonus pickups will gain you massive points. Highscores can be uploaded to the internet so you can compare you score worldwide. Additionally there are tasks you can perform to will unlock rewards in the game. These rewards can also be synced on the internet so you don't have to unlock them all in one session.

The game offers a single player mode as well as a 2-player versus mode. The latter is especially fun to play with a friend (or foe) as you both battle for the special pickups which zooming dangerously close past the asteroids on screen! How long can you survive the onslaught?

Game features:
- Original game release for the Colecovision console
- Animated multicolor sprites
- Versus mode
- Internet highscore uploading
- Online rewards system

astrododge_coleco_screenshot1.png astrododge_coleco_screenshot2.png

Release info:

The game is available as physical release with Original Carton box, Game Manual and Cartridge.
The game is available in two versions: PAL/European and NTSC/US style box.

For more information about this game and other games by revival studios, visit my website at: http://www.revival-studios.com

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Thanks for the response guys! I've picked up the boxes from the printer today so i hope to replace the box-mockups with real box photos soon!

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In case anyone is concerned - I've bought from Revival Studios several times (waiting for more cash flow to do more...) in the past with always great results.... Of course I'm in for this game!!!

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Seems that you upload a code generated by the game to their site.


I want to know if that is the actual music.

He told me there is no gameplay music, just title screen music .

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Looks like this could be good fun. Particularly like the versus mode - I'm sure my daughter will whip my butt at the game :(


Email sent for one of each style.

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