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ALL CV Prototype Games Here! (could be, at least)

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i would say there is about 25 unreleased games that we could play if ..................


To name only a few


He Man

Cabbage Patch Kids Workout

Pole Position

Wizard of Wor

Tac / Scan


I have been out of the loop for quite a while, but only the first two on that list are confirmed to actually exist that I know of. (And if I'm mistaken, please enlighten me.)


I spoke with a few of the programmers in the ColecoVision group at Atari. Ms. Pac-Man was started (and there's supposedly a semi-functional prototype), but none of them mentioned working on Pole Position that I remember. Who claims that this exists?


Ditto for Wizard of Wor...who has this, or even claims to have seen it?


Regarding Tac/Scan, it never got to a playable state, and whatever code existed is not likely to have survived. The Digital Press Guide says this...


According the ColecoVision FAQ, the first two stages of Tac-Scan were completed at Nuvatec, Inc., by Jim Wolf and Joe Clark before Coleco instructed that all work on it be stopped.


I assume people think a Tac/Scan proto might be out there somewhere because of this, but that info is vague and not entirely accurate. I spoke with an ex-Nuvatec programmer a few years back and I asked him specifically about Tac/Scan. This is what he told me...


Tac-Scan was pulled because Coleco was not able to come to royalty terms with Sega. It never got beyond the background screens before it was pulled, so nothing was saved and there really was no game play yet. Joe & Jim worked on another game after that but I don't remember what it was. Possibly another that was cancelled.


In any event, Coleco started Tac-Scan BEFORE negotiating the rights, assuming the owner would love to have this done. It pissed off Sega who then wanted far more than the usual amount and Coleco scrapped the game. Also, since Tac-Scan used a vector display for the arcade game, what we attempted to replicate on a TV was far from a decent implementation. So it was good that it was pulled. We were not happy with how it was going to look and we took pride in our work.


That was why Coleco "instructed that all work on it be stopped". Sorry, but no Tac/Scan on the CV unfortunately. (I'm pretty sure I've posted that here before.)


And the list goes!


What else do you believe is out there (or have actual knowledge of)?


Does Pizza Time actually exist, by the way? I mean as an arcade game, or on any home system? I've never seen any screenshot of this game.

I checked thru all my files and don't have anything besides what I listed above... it was to be developed by Nice Ideas.


There is no arcade version of PizzaTime. This was (presumably) going to be an original sequel to BurgerTime, much like Diner (which, oddly enough, began life as a He-Man game). I've never seen any concrete proof that it was actually started, or that it existed as anything more than a concept.

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Thanks for sharing all that great info PingvinBlueJeans even though it confirms what I thought/knew to be the case for a number of titles.

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