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Commodore 64 vs Apple II

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Very subjective. I'm going to use the Apple //e Platinum as the comparison point, as it was the last true Apple II line, since the GS is really next gen.


Graphics - Commodore 64 wins hands down.

Sound - Commodore 64 wins again, but if you want to include the Mockingboard, it definitely becomes closer.

Price - Commodore was the king of cheap.

Durability - Likewise they were built cheap, the Apple is much more durable.

Expandability - Apple II line has internal expansion slots, so the edge goes here, although you could probably do similar expansions on the C64 with external peripherals.

Performance - Tie

BASIC Programming - AppleSoft BASIC is better than the Commodore BASIC on the 64. Just easier to use, especially to create graphics and access the DOS.

Gaming Library - C64 has more advanced games due to Graphics and Sound mentioned above.

Business Library - Apple II has 80-col support, most business software supported it, CP/M on Apple was good, bad on C64, so Apple wins.

Keyboard - Apple, no doubt, the C64 has one of the worst non-chiclet keyboards ever made.

Open-Architecture - Tie

Design / Appearance - Super subjective, but I prefer the Apple because the Computer, Drives, Monitors can all be stacked into a clean setup. The C64, has wires coming out the back and side, you really need a large desk or a special stand to allow the monitor/drives to live above the C64, otherwise it needs to be off to the side.


Overall, I prefer the Apple II, it's just a bit more fun to collect for, and if I were to be using one for any serious applications back in the day, the Apple would have won out. The C64 is definitely more of a gaming machine, and if I wanted it as a game console I would have gotten a C64. Although to be honest, if I just wanted games I would have picked an NES!


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Spent more time with the Apple IIe lately, and my opinions on the matter are pretty much the same (leaning a bit more in the Apple's favor now though):


Graphics - C64
Sound - C64
Price - C64
Durability - Apple IIe
Expandability - Apple IIe
Performance - For gaming it's the C64. For general use and business it's the Apple IIe.
BASIC Programming - Apple IIe
Gaming Library - Almost a tie. C64 edges the Apple out.
Business Library - Apple IIe
Keyboard - Apple IIe
Open-Architecture - Apple IIe
Design / Appearance - Apple II is nicer-looking than the breadbox but not as nice as the C64c.


Best over all? Can't say. Both are good. It's a shame that the traces to the disk drive got cut by accident on the C64. The drive speed's always been an issue with me.

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