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WTT : Tilt, a very difficult to find French videogame magazine

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I want to trade my special video game TILT magazines. It was the first French magazine for videogame.


It started in September 1982 (Mattel introduced the Intellivision in the same period in France). The magazine disappeared in 1994.


I'm going to trade 20 numbers and only the most collectable (very difficult to find especially the first numbers !)


You'll find most of test for Intellivision, Atari, Colecovision, Vectrex and more games in.


The 5 first are really collectionable (last year, the first one was seen once on eBay and was sold at 150 euros... The next 4 was sold around 40 to 50 euros each, the others are cheaper (but not cheap :) ).



N°1 Septembre-Octobre 1982 to N°10 Mars 1984

N°14 Juillet 1984 to N°20 Avril 1985

N°22 Juin 1985 to N°25 Octobre 1985


The magazines are in a very good condition !


I'm looking for Intellivision CIB games :


Learning Fun 1 and 2




Tropical Trouble

Pole Position


Sewer Sam






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