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New Vectrex controllers added to RecycledGamer.com

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I let the site languish a bit while I was busy with various expos this summer and fall, but I finally added some new modded Vectrex controller inventory to RecycledGamer.com.


Highlights include new old-stock arcade sticks, some PS1 fighting sticks and more. I have the repro lightpens and Genesis controllers in stock, but I am still working on a batch of SNES controllers (my most popular modded Vectrex controller) so they are unavailable at this time.


As always, thanks for supporting my little hobby.




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I bought one of these from you a while ago, like maybe three years maybe a little less? was that your site back then or maybe you sold them here? it was a snes version, very good product! great price.

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I picked up one of Chuck's modded SNES controllers for my Vectrex earlier this year, and it's AWESOME!!! I imagine the Genesis pad would be just as good ;)


As much as I love the original Vectrex controller, a modded gamepad is just soooo much more comfortable for long play sessions... highly recommended!

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