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Left Turn Only World Headquarters move: Websites down temporarily.

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Just a quick heads-up: The big moving day is finally here. The last few weeks, I've been sorting and purging and packing and sorting and purging and packing. I've been interleaving that with a day job and shipping game orders.


Now the big day is finally here. That means I need to take down the network tonight. We should be back up Thursday or Friday, depending on how quickly AT&T gets our Internet connection back up and how quickly I get the Left Turn Only Information Services Department back up and running. (Well, ok, just the web server—an aging AMD Duron system—but still...)


Anyway, I've asked dZ to kindly host the ordering page for me, so you should still be able to order Christmas Carol. And, since I'll be off work for the rest of the year starting Saturday, your orders will go out quickly. However, my domains— http://leftturnonly.info/ , http://spacepatrol.info/ , http://spatula-city.org/ , and so on—will be offline for the next few days. We're coming back though once everything's good on the other side.


Thanks for your patience!

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And the orders and related pages are up in CarolVsGhost.com, so there's not much interruption. :)



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FWIW, I'm doing my best to fulfill orders while movers pack and shift things around me. I've had to rescue Christmas Carol boxes from the packed stuff a couple times now. I keep telling them not to pack them and they do. Ah well.


Right now I believe I only have 1 or 2 orders outstanding. If anyone reading this hasn't gotten a tracking number from me and ordered before this week, please contact me.

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