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FS - R9: Vulture Attack K-TEL 2600 - Last call...!

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Selling my K-TEL Vulture Attack 2600 Cartridge. (R9 @AA)


See pictures.


If anyone here can *strongly* beat my current 'offer' of $115 -- this is your chance to own one of the rarest Atari 2600 cartridges.

Buyer pays actual shipping (no BS handling charge)


There are rarer, and yes, some may critique the "rarity" of this cartridge, but "it is what it is".


Would make an excellent x-mas gift for yourself ;)


As you can see cart works, features the funky black handle and has typical K-TEL label mottling (just like your standard Activision cartridge)

I'm not getting out of collecting, just getting out of this "burden" ;) I know it would make someone else happier (and I could use the cash!)


I will accept Paypal or Interac Etransfer if you're a Canuck.




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The price isn't bad, I think this is around what I sold my copy to Atari2600.com for a couple of years back.

I don't regret selling either of mine (yes I had two, more common up here in Canada) or the Spider Maze. As a collector, these are great pieces, as a gamer, not so much ;)


Good luck Jess :)

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