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Troubleshooting and fixing nonworking 2600's

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So I have a couple 4-switch units that were purchased long ago as nonworking. I guess today I decided I would like them to work. I don't know how to make that happen though, so I am looking for some help.


What I have: good power cord, good video connection, good tv, good game cart. I have a working 2600 to verify all these things.


What's not working: vader 2600, rev 16 board. symptoms powers on, displays garbage on channel 3. no switches seem to produce any effect- even the ch. 2-3 switch doesn't do anything, it's always channel 3. I have opened it up and removed the shielding. everything looks fine visually.



I have looked at the field repair guide. It's a bit over my head. Is there another guide to help diagnose and fix my issue?


the 2nd unit is a wood grain 4-switch (forgot to check rev #) that powers up and shows a black screen. the sliding part of the reset switch is missing if that makes a difference. as I'm writing this it occurs to me that cracked soldering on the cart connector might cause this- is that accurate? I can reflow the solder on all those points if that is a reasonable action.


I have a simple multimeter for checking voltages and can solder/desolder things.

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Hi Lincoln,


I'm sorry I'm bypassing your question a bit, but you mentioned the "field repair guide" - can you post the link to that?


Thank you.

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