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Transfer of .ATR images via APE or Prosystem

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strange, but alright then - 1) here is another disk or better two 90k images with Mypicodos already initialized on them, MYPINITx.ATR. Make copies of one of these disk images with a sector copy program before using it or writing anything to it (and always keep at least one copy of the disk with only Picodos.SYS on it).


2) You will also find a disk/image with a sector-copy program attached here, Mycopy1.ATR - this is MyCopier version 1.c, simply boot it with or without Basic. This sector-copier works with 90k, 130k and 180k disks and ultraspeed if available. In the menu set "Enhanced density" to on, even if you don`t use enhanced density - this way the copier program will always test if sector 1040 is available or not (good for stupid XF551 and similar drives which cannot detect the disk density automatically). If your disk drive has a US-Doubler you may set the option "Sector skew" to on, otherwise always leave it off.

Press Start to copy a disk and insert source and destination disk(s) when prompted. When you are done with copying (afaik multiple copies can be done with Select or Option key), press Control-B to boot another disk, then press Start for a second (not longer!) to really boot another disk or Option to return to the copier program...


3) Last not least, I have attached a multifile-copy program on a DOS 2.x compatible disk for you, MFcopy.ATR. This one works with 64k RAM and only one disk drive. You can use it to copy all your game files onto the initialized Mypicodos disk (the one with Picodos.SYS on it). The program works with Start, Select and Option keys, Return key and -= keys as well as some other keys, think they are all mentioned in the program. Simply setup your source and destination drive, then press Start for a Directory of your game files (they have to be in DOS 2.x format!), choose the files you want to copy with Space or Return and press Start to copy the files. You may have to change disks every now and then (the program copies multiple files with up to 310 sectors in one go). When you are done with copying, press Option to go back to the main menu and there press ESC to leave the program and quit to DOS. The DOS on this disk can read, write and format 90k, 130k and 180k disks...


When all your games have been copied to the init. Mypicodos disk (the one with Picodos.SYS on it), boot this disk, then select and load your games from this disk. Good luck !


NOTE: All programs work alright on a 64k Atari XL/XE computer, I have no clue if any of these programs will work on an Atari 400/800 with 48k or less RAM, since I do not have these machines. And err, all programs work in DOS 2.x format, so your game files must also be on a disk with DOS 2.x format - luckily the Homesoft gamedisks are in DOS 2.x format (DD/180k)...


-Andreas Koch.


Nice and easy guide for newbies like myself. I followed this today and all worked just fine, thanks :) . I only wonder how can I create a Picodos file and still keep the long names of files in it? I know that it would be possible as I downloaded such discs already but mine are always with short names (8+3 format). Am I missing something obvious?

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when you have copied some game files to the initialized Mypicodos disk (with Picodos.SYS on it), you can edit/create long filenames on this disk. Simply use Mypicodos from post #9 here, when Mypicodos has loaded, insert your gamedisk and select option 2 - create/edit long filenames. The program will show one game after another and you can type in long filenames with up to 40 chars. If you typed in all names, you can also enter a title for the disk and then save the long filenames as Piconame.TXT to the gamedisk. The next time you boot up your gamedisk it will show long filenames.


But long filenames also have some disadvantages: a) whenever you add a new game to the disk, you have to edit/update the long filenames again (not nescessary with short 8.3 filenames), otherwise the new game will not show up; b) long filenames require an extra file Piconame.TXT to be present (max. 64 files for most directories minus Picodos.SYS and Piconame.TXT leaves max. 62 files) and this text takes a few more sectors away (less available / usable sectors), not a big problem though...


Good luck - Andreas Koch.

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Just did it with the first disk and it worked like a charm! Will do the others now, thank you :)

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Yep I know about them, but as the maker had said they were sold out I didn't suggest it. I thought you would like something you could buy


I'm willing to wait for more to be built, a long time if necessary (like 4-8 months). Santosp said he'd get back to me about it sometime this week, we'll see if there's any possibility.

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