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Sony's Playstation 1 ruled the second half of the 1990s and there were hundreds of great games for the console. However, some hidden gems are still out there for serious collectors.


How many have you played? What would you like to see in Part 2?

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There should be an extension to this called the super hidden gems:


* RPG Maker - Takes awhile to get used to the interface but communities have sprung up making amateur Dragon Quest-like homebrews.

* Top Shop - Quirky board game that's quite addictive. Truly fun for the whole family.

* James Pond: Robocod (UK) - Bad CGI can be ignored when we're talking about an enhanced version of Robocod!

* Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure - Pretty much a proto Disgaea. A well made RPG.

* Re-volt - Not the best port but not the worst. Funky music, levels and many cars to choose from make this game stand out.

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Very cool. Here's some of mine:


Colony Wars games



Darkstone (not a bad translation)

Discworld games

Fear Effect games

Front Mission 3

Guardians Crusade

Raiden Project

Thousand Arms

Vagrant Story

Xevious 3D/G+

X-Men Mutant Academy

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I can't see the video since it's blocked at work, but is the Pro Pinball series of games in there?

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Xevious 3D/G+ has a completely different version of Xevious called Arrange. New environments/areas, enemies, powerups, music, 2player co-op, the works. It's awesome.


Darkstone is a poor man's Diablo but well worth what you'll pay for it nowadays.


Philosoma is a great early (launch title?) shooter.


& as always, Turnabout.



I dont think Fear Effect counts as hidden, I recall seeing lots of ads & hoopla surrounding it & its sequel's releases.

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Glad you included Apocalypse. It was one of the many games I played on a demo disc from the Official Playstation Magazine back in the 90's.


If you like racing games, I'd check out Running Wild. You race as cartoonish animals in it, and it's actually pretty fun even though it's geared towards a younger audience.


Jet Moto is a racing series you might want to check out too, though they're pretty hard but unique.


Alien Trilogy is a good DOS port and Alien Resurrection is arguably better than the movie.


Not sure how much of a hidden gem it is, but Fighting Force is probably the best 3D beat'em up game ever made.


Kagero The Deception series might be worth checking out too. The game series is based around setting up traps to kill, so it's pretty unique.


Some other games that may be worth checking out:


Wild 9 - I actually bought this last week and it was very cheap like most PS1 games


O.D.T. Or Die Trying - Very hard game like the title implies but pretty cool

Brave Fencer Musashi

Clock Tower series

Colony Wars series

Invasion from Beyond


Die Hard Trilogy


Ninja Shadow of Darkness

Future Cop LAPD - Very fun Co-op

Project Overkill

The Unholy War - Kind of a strange strategy and 3D fighting game. I personally enjoyed it

Peak Performance

War Games Defcon 1

The ever under-appreciated Gex series

Dark Stone - mentioned before but seriously worth looking into

Pitfall 3D - I personally enjoy it. Plus it has Bruce Campbell doing the voice

Bloody Roar series - Unique fighter

Tomba series - Very hard to find since the company went out of business. Great games though.


There's literally hundred of more in the PS1 library I'm probably missing. You could probably do 4 more episodes and you'd still keep finding more.

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I have to second Kagero/Deception series (Kagero is the 2nd game in the series), NINJA: SoD, & Project Overkill.

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Going to second the motions for Project Overkill, Xevious 3d/G, and Deception *(Tecmo's Deception). Also going to recommend Star Gladiator, a Capcom Soul Blade / Street Fighter type but in outer space.

And also recommending Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi because it is _awful_ and a stark contrast to Star Gladiator :) It is hilarious how awesome the Tusken Raider is, and the "story" they made for him... but I digress.

Big props for recommending Einhander, Metal Jesus!

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Great video as always. I had a PS1 for awhile back in the day, and never played any of those games on your part one list. Great stuff.

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