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help! light-six 2600, sound but no video

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Hi everyone,


I have a 2600 that has been sitting in a box for a couple of years. I took it out and fired it up and it was awesome...until the video went out. I now have sound, but noooooooo video. While I am perfectly capable of taking my atari apart, I really don't know what I should be looking for. Are there parts that I should jiggle? Are there things that I should take out and put back in? I tried to search the archives, but I don't really even know what I am looking for.


So if anyone has troubleshooting suggestions, i would be greatly appreciative! I am without electronic equipment, but can walk to a radio shack if I need to pick up a multi-meter or something.


Thanks all!



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What kind of RF adapter are you using? I would start with that. If you have another one, swap it out. You might also try moving the 2/3 channel selector switch on the Atari and see if the other channel works any better. Start with the simple stuff first says I.

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