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A good place for mounting the 2600 AV Mod Board?

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Hi all,


I recently purchased the mod board from electronic sentimentalities (thanks Joe!) and had a question.


What's the best place to mount it? (This is in a 6 switcher case) I was thinking of a few choices:


1. Mount it to the plastic half-circles on the right hand side of the unit where the RF Cable used to be pressed into - this is what's shown on the ES site.

2. Mount it to the side of the heavy metal shield (of course with appropriate insulation!)

3. Mount it on top of the motherboard, again, with appropriate insulation (that would at least provide the shortest set of wires to the chip it's attaching to).

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Ah! Got an answer. In case anyone else is looking for similar information in the future... batari himself told me that it should not matter - wherever it fits best.

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