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Charlie Cat

Games Beaten In 2013!

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Final Fantasy 1 in the Gameboy Advance version. Picked up the cart for 2 euros on a local flea market only a few days before christmas.


This remake seems to have been rather dumbed down compared to the original. I can't say I had to seriously worry about my party at any point in the game, not even in the final battle. But hey, it definetly was a good time killer for the days around christmas. I enjoyed it. Took me a bit over 25 hours, but that's with one and a half extra dungeons and a few hours of the gameboy just lying around counting seconds while I was doing other things.


One thing really bugs me, though... What's with the Black Mage looking like a hybrid between a Jawa and a juvenile Garden Gnome? How totally not badass is that?

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63. Halo 4 - Xbox 360


Finally beat it!


Masterpiece! Love everything about this game. Played most of it Co-op, but solo'd the final hour and a half or so (XBL Gold expired).


Most likely, the last game I will beat this year.

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I finished Dr Hauzer on 3DO.


I wish someone could make an English-translated version. The game mechanisms are simple enough to beat the game even if it's all in Japanese, but I feel like I missed a good load of back story.

As cheesy as it may be.

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64. Halo 3: ODST- Xbox 360


OK, I lied.. I finished one more for 2013..


Was not expecting this game to be this awesome! To me, its unfair to compare it to the other games in the series since it is so different. No Master Chief, no Spartans, no radar, no Cortana. Just you, and your rifle. The visor HUD made it a bit easier in lieu of the radar, but still required all combat to be line of sight.


Loved the story, the setting, and the audio logs were a nice touch too. Only thing I felt was lacking, was sprint. But oh well.. That's just because I was coming off Halo 4.


Brilliant game! I still stand by, Halo 4 as being my favorite, but this one just nabbed the #2 spot..

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Time to post my last couple victories of 2013:


57. Peter Frankl: Tower of Puzzle (3DO)


By some definitions this collection of brain-teasers, a Japanese exclusive that can be played entirely in English, is little more than shovelware. But actually the puzzles it offers are generally well-chosen, with just the right amount of challenge. But a couple are inappropriately difficult (which made me set aside the game for months), and even worse, in at least two cases the game wouldn't accept a correct solution -- which reveals that instead of checking your work, the game is simply comparing it to a stored answer. That's not OK in a game like this. C+.


58. Kingdom II: Shadoan (Mac OS Classic)


After beating the first Kingdom game on 3DO a few weeks ago, I bought a nice sealed big-box copy of this FMV title -- which never made it to 3DO -- as a Christmas present for my fiancée and me. It took a lot of doing to get it up and running; it won't work properly in Classic mode on OS X PPC machines, and I had to resurrect an old PowerBook 1400cs to play it. But once we did, it was a worthwhile sequel to the first game, and probably a bit superior to it across the board, especially in the voice acting department. However, we ran into a game-breaking glitch in Apprentice mode, and spent hours trying to figure out the problem -- only to discover that, once again, switching to the allegedly harder Wizard mode was the key. But this time it was 100% the game's fault: and how many hapless kids were driven to drink by this bug? B+.

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Here's the rest of what I completed in the past month:


83. Air Buster - Arcade
84. Altered Beast - Arcade
85. Double Dragon - Arcade
86. Dynamite Dux - Arcade
87. Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars - Arcade
88. Golden Axe - Arcade - all 3 characters
89. Spider-Man: The Video Game - Arcade - all 4 characters
90. Arabian Fight - Arcade - all 4 characters

91. Final Fight - Arcade - all 3 characters
92. Blue's Journey - Arcade (Neo Geo MVS)
93. Puzzle Bobble - Arcade (Neo Geo MVS)
94. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Arcade - all 5 characters
95. X-Men - Arcade - all 6 characters
96. Battletoads - Arcade - all 3 characters
97. Sunset Riders - Arcade - all 4 characters
98. Smash T.V. - Arcade
99. Fatal Fury: King of Fighters - Arcade (Neo Geo MVS) - all 3 characters
100. Space Invaders '95: The Attack of Lunar Loonies - Arcade - all 10 characters
101. Sonic the Hedgehog - Arcade (Mega Play)

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