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F18A programming, info, and resources

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You will have to unlock the F18A before you can use any of the enhanced color capabilities.  You can set T80 mode while the F18A is locked, but it is restricted to the original T80 functionality, i.e. one FG/BG color for all the tiles.


Once you unlock the F18A, you can then use the enhanced T80 features.  I'm sure some examples of doing this have been posted, let me see if I can find one.  Also note that when the F18A is unlocked, poorly written software can corrupt the VDP registers.  Also, if you use console routines you will have to follow the console rules for the VDP, as Lee pointed out already; that is why you had to put a copy of VR01 into memory location >83D4.

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Just fyi only, I am currently happy with Text mode only as post #697 suggests, but in the future I will be hitting color management a bit harder in my quest. 

And the current program using only text isn't complete yet, maybe by E.O.Y., of course I'm very happy with the F18A. It's just a learning curve I've got to carve out, like I had with learning SAMs.

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