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For sale or trade: Gamecube with games and accessories *PENDING*

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While this is fresh in my head, I thought I'd post this up. I have for sale (or trade) a Gamecube purple system with a 16x memory card, one controller (works, but the z button does not), and hookups. The games are:


Animal Crossing boxed (no instructions, Gamestop boring case)

Metroid Prime boxed (no instructions)

Super Smash Bros. Melee (complete)

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within boxed (no instructions)

Medal of Honor: European Assault (complete)


I would like $25.00 plus shipping, or the following in trade:


NES or SNES game console (complete with controller, and all hookups)

Some games with the above mentioned NES or SNES (no sports, please...not a video game sports guy)

Gameboy Advance SP (with charger)

Some games for the SP (complete or just boxed would be nice, but I will do this with loose games)

Atari 2600 boxed/complete games


I will attach a picture tonight of the unit and games. As a side note, I also have a silver Gamecube that works but does not have a memory card with it. Otherwise, it has all the hookups but of course no controller (as that's with the purple Gamecube).


If there's any interest in this, cash or trade, PM me and let's "make a deal". Payment preferred is hidden cash or a postal money order only. Shipping would be from 05052-0058 for your reference. Thanks for taking a look.




EDIT: As promised, here's the picture. Games have also been completely listed:





Another edit: This system, accessories, and games are now PENDING.

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