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For trade:


Odyssey 2: Power Lords (loose cart)


Atari loose carts:


Mr. Do's Castle R8

Rubik's Cube R8

Atari Video Cube R7

Cosmic Swarm (NTSC) R6

Cosmic Swarm (PAL/Australian) R?

Demolition Herby (B&W label) R6

Frogger II: Threedeep R6

Marauder R6

Mines of Minos (PAL/Australian) R?

Pengo (bad end label) R6

Pengo (good label) R6

River Raid II R6

Room of Doom (NTSC) R6

Room of Doom (PAL/Australian) R?

Tapper R6

Threshold R6

Crypts of Chaos R5

Double Dragon (bad end label) R5

King Kong (missing end label) R5

London Blitz R5

Miner 2049er R5

Mr. Do R5

Pigs in Space R5

Private Eye R5

Snoopy and the Red Barron R5

Strategy X R5

Tax Avoiders R5

Kool-Aid Man R4

Krull R4

Masters of the Universe (black label) R4

Pick n Pile (PAL) R4

Sub Scan R4

Spiderdroid R3

Tapeworm R3


Atari VCS CIB: River Raid II (sealed)


Intellivision: Demon Attack CIB + sealed


Nintendo 64: Backup Z64 CIB (256 Mbit version) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z64






Atari 2600 games boxed (or empty box and manual where specified).


Alien (box and cart)

Earth Dies Screaming (box and manual)

Spacemaster X-7


Cosmic Swarm (2nd version artwork only)

Mines of Minos

Room of Doom

Front Line

Mr. Do (box)

Roc'n Rope (box and manual)

Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (box)

Time Pilot (box)


Burger Time


Spy Hunter (will take a loose cart)

Stargunner (box)

Jawbreaker (box)

Marauder (box and manual)

Threshold (box)

Sub Scan (box and inserts)

No Escape

(Black box) Demon Attack

(Silver box) Moonsweeper

Quick Step


Laser Gates


Atari 2600 games loose carts or otherwise:

Boulder Dash (loose or CIB)




Q-Bert's Qubes


Atari accessories:


Questar joystick

KY Enterprises FingerTip Controller

Supr Stick Professional Joystick

TVS/Total Video Supply Game Safe


Any commercially-produced carrying-case type storage for Atari 2600 cartridges in very good condition



Odyssey 2 games:


Power Lords





Super Cobra


Commando Nocturno

Mage treasure chest version

Any homebrew games besides Amok and Revival Studios releases (already have them)

Brazilian games (unreleased in U.S.)



Other Items:

Imagic dealer catalogs, shirts, or other merch

Odyssey Adventure magazines

Electronic Games magazines

Atari Age magazines

Power Lords toys and accessories

Tron action figures (original 80s)

Tron Legacy PS2, Xbox, Wii controllers

Atari Force mug, t-shirt

Activision patches

Centipede Championship patch

Demon Attack poster


PM me if interested.. Serious inquiries only, please..!

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Added a loose Odyssey 2 Power Lords cartridge to the list of available games.. (acquired a CIB copy right after I got a loose copy)

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