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Nvidia Shield

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Anybody besides me interested in project shield?


Some day I'd like to have a full-on console that I play on the big screen, then pop into my carry-on for travel gaming. I already kind of have that with my psp now that I have a wireless controller for it, but it still feels a bit 'too handheld.' Vita probably isn't a good match for me either since I'm a bit unhappy with Sony, ATM. I also had a similar device (controller/screen combo) that I used for years to play a ps2 in bed. I can see how many would be turned off by the form factor, but am I totally alone here?


Shield seems like a fairly powerful android handheld, and from what I understand will get its software from both the tegra store and google play. Tegra's store seems to do a good job of weeding out the 'unworthy' but if I ever want to try out some indie stuff, google is still there.


HDMI cable and hopefully(!) support for a bluetooth controller to go full-console with it.

Its size may lend itself to comfort and good battery life--the screen looks fairly light so it will probably balance better than it looks. I really did like the comfort of the older, larger handhelds when actually playing, though they were obviously more hassle to carry around.


For me it all comes down to software, and I want to be sure than android games can regularly provide the complexity I'm looking for. Ouya might be a nice demo of the capability, so I'm especially looking forward to its release in a couple months.


Anybody else at least semi-interested in this hardware?



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